How To Embroider Small Lettering

“Would You Like To Know How To Create Crisp Clean Small Lettering That Sews Out Great Using Your
Embroidery Fonts?”

From: Joyce Jagger, The Embroidery Coach
RE: The secrets of How to Embroider Small Lettering that Sews out Great on All Types of Fabrics!

As an embroidery business owner myself, I know what it is like to suffer through trying to create small lettering that will sew out with the high quality look that I am always striving for.  Each time that it did not turn out to my satisfaction, I felt like a complete failure.  It seemed so simple and yet I just could not seem to get it the way that I wanted it to look.

I attended many workshops at trade shows and trained with some of the best embroidery software trainers and digitizers and it seemed like I could never get all of the right information to make my lettering look as good as theirs!  Were they holding back some of the little tips and tricks!  What was my problem?

I spent many hours on every single line of lettering that I tried to create and it was a huge waste of time!  There had to be an easier way!

Are Your Sick And Tired Of Struggling With The Small Lettering
For Your Embroidery Designs?

Have you ever wondered why a design does not look the same when you sew it out on a different type of fabric?  Do your letters look like they are punching holes in the fabric? Does your lettering sew out too think or too thick?  Does your lettering sew out uneven or appear to be uneven?  Do you have issues with your embroidery fonts?  Are the centers of your small letters closing up?  Do your 4 millimeter letters look crisp and clean?  Is making adjustments to your lettering recipes confusing?

Without a foolproof way to set up your small lettering you are wasting a lot of valuable time that you could be spending running your machine and really making money!

Introducing: “How To Embroider Small Lettering That Sews Out Great
On All Types Of Fabrics Home Study Course”

I am so excited about this How To Embroider Small Lettering Home Study Course!  I have finally discovered the way to Keep it Simple and yet extremely effective!

In this home study course I show you step by step how to set up your own small lettering with all of the correct settings that will work for many different types of fabrics. My easy method will save you valuable time and give you great looking lettering every single time.

Learning to create crisp clean small lettering is not hard.  The methods that I teach and the illustrations and files that I share are simple and easy to follow so that all embroiderers, new and seasoned can understand and remember! All of the above questions and many more are answered in my How To Embroider Small Lettering Home Study Course!

What A Time Saver!

Hi Joyce

I just wanted to say that I learned a lot from the Small Lettering course.  As a matter of fact, I had an order to do that required a logo with small lettering added.  I had done this logo before, but I redid the lettering my decreasing density and adding underlay.  I also changed the start and stop points and did not have to do any trimming between my letters and the thread did not even show.  What a time saver!

Thank you so much for all you do!
Monique Richardson

Here Are Some Of The Fantastic Benefits You Will Receive
After You Have Learned
The Secrets Of How To
Create Crisp Clean Small Lettering!

  • Saves Time!
    You learn the tips and tricks that I use to set up my lettering so that you can do it quickly saving a huge amount of time!
  • The finished Design looks the same on all types of fabric that you are using for your sew outs!
    I share with you the settings that I use for the different types of fabrics so that you can quickly duplicate what I do and it will look the same whether you are on a stable woven fabric or a soft knit.
  • Your will be able to produce production friendly designs!
    Your designs will take less time to sew out, have fewer thread breaks and less trimming!
  • You will be producing higher quality designs.
    Your customers will love your new designs and will send you more work!
  • Increase your bottom line!
    Taking less time to set up your lettering and sew it out will help to increase your weekly profits!

Here Is A Quick Overview Of What You Will Be Learning In The
How To Embroider Small Lettering Home Study Course!

  • Video File – Part 1-Common Issues With Small Lettering – I explain the issues, how you how to correct them, how to adjust fabric recipes and styles for small lettering and how to fix underlay stitching that is missing in parts of the letters.
  • Video File – Part 2- Basic Rules for Small Lettering – I teach you the many rules that need to be adhered to, to create crisp clean small lettering.  I show you how to work with fleece to get sharp clean small lettering, how to open up centers of tiny lettering, go through many applications and I share my favorite backing recipes with you that work great for small lettering.
  • Video File – Part 3-Editing Text for Production – I show you how to create small lettering that you do not have to trim between each letter and yet not have the threads show and you will learn how to edit an embroidery font to match your customers logo lettering.
  • Power Point Presentation with space to take notes
  • Written Documentation of my presentation
  • Design File

I have created the ‘How To Embroider Small Lettering Home Study Course Specially For Embroiderers Like You So That You Too Can Easily
Create Great Looking Small Lettering!

Learning how to embroider great looking small lettering is not hard once you  understand the logic behind each step. I go over this with you step by step so that you can easily understand it and learn how to change the settings for each type of fabric.

Before I understood it I had to either pay to have all of my lettering set up or spend hours setting up each line to my satisfaction.  I had to keep experimenting and creating more sew outs until I was happy.  I was so frustrated and determined that I was going to grasp this so I went out searching for someone that could help me!

I then had the privilege of spending a week, at a very high cost, with one of the best digitizers and instructors in the embroidery industry!  He taught me the theory behind small lettering and this is what I was missing all along!  I finally had all of the information that I needed to be able to embroider my own great looking small lettering!  This is exactly what I teach you at a fraction of the cost!

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

[guarantee_box_1 title=”Our 30Day 100% Money Back Guarantee”]If you re not satisfied with what you are taught in the “How To Embroider Small Lettering Home Study Course” your money will be returned, no questions asked!

YES! I would love to start the “How To Embroider Small Lettering Home Study Course” today so that I can learn how to embroider great looking small lettering for my embroidery designs. This $67.00 investment in my business is one of the most valuable investments I have ever made!

  • I UNDERSTAND… that I will be able to create great looking small lettering once I go through the course and understand the theory behind small lettering!
  • I UNDERSTAND… that the How To Embroider Small Lettering Home Study Course will have a 30 day Money Back Guarantee. This means my purchase is safe and if I am not entirely satisfied, The Embroidery Coach will return my money 100%.

How To Embroider Small Lettering



PS: Can you afford not to know how to create small lettering for your embroidery designs?  Learn the Secrets of How To Embroider Crisp Clean Small Lettering for all of your embroidery designs and embroidery design setups!  Click Here to learn these secrets!

P.P.S. I want you to get started creating small lettering for all of your embroidery designs.  That is why I’ve put so much time and effort into creating these videos and materials for you to work with.  This is exactly what you need to help make your embroidery business stand out from the crowd! Click Here to learn these secrets!

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