How do you figure embroidery pricing for multiple locations on the same garment is a question that I have received many times. Do you add all of your logos together for that same garment and charge them for one design? The answer to this is NO you do NOT!

When a customer asks for embroidery in several different locations on the same garment, you should treat each and every one of those applications as a new embroidery. You are rehooping your garment, you are uploading a new design and you may even have to change some of your thread colors on the machine. This can be a lot of work. Many people think just because it is on the same garment that you should add all of your stitch counts together for the price of one logo. If you do that, you are losing a lot of money and time and it may turn out that you are actually doing the job for FREE!

This same scenario goes for the price of the setups or digitizing for all of those different designs. Each one of them is different and needs to be charged accordingly! You have the same amount of time setting up each design for one garment as you do for 100 garments and you need to be paid fairly for your work.

Many times a customer will come into your shop with one garment, such as a race car driver that has several sponsors and he or she wants to have the logo for each sponsor created and embroidered onto their fire suit or crew team uniforms. They are not expecting that the price is going to be very inexpensive because all of the logos are embroidered on one item.

Embroidery pricing in Multiple LocationsAt one point when I had my large embroidery shop, we made a lot of crew uniforms, both shirts and pants and embroidered them in many different locations. I have a set of uniforms in the picture to the left that I made for a company that sold concessions when it was the Winston Cup series.

The shirt to the right is a Cyclone racing shirt that was prCyclone Racing Shirt by Stella Apparelovided by Stella Apparel in Southborough, MA. They did a great job on it. As you can see it is embroidered in 5 different locations. It may also be embroidered on the back as well.

Your customer has no idea as to how long it takes to actually create each one of these designs and of course, it is all computerized so it surely cannot be much work, Right?

This type of customer can sometimes be very hard to deal with but they need to be educated about the process. Figuring your embroidery pricing for multiple locations is not hard but you have to remember, each logo or embroidery is separate and you need to figure the embroidery pricing for multiple locations as all individual designs! They cannot be combined as one embroidery unless you can combine them into one hoop. This cannot usually be done unless it is a name that is added to a logo.

If you are not sure of your pricing or if you are not making a good profit, check out my course, How To Price Embroidery!

You will be glad you did! It will help you to avoid many mistakes that so many embroiderers make and it will help you create a profitable embroidery price list!