Embroidery Business Book-A Must Read For New Embroiderers!

Before you buy another machine,
Before you open the doors,
Before you even think about starting your embroidery business,
Before you are forced to close down your embroidery business…

Discover The Truth About

Business Success!

“7 Elements To A Highly Profitable
Home-Based Embroidery Business”


Starting a new embroidery business is not easy. It is very exciting, but it can be extremely overwhelming to the new embroidery business owner with all that you need to learn in a very short time.

When I first started my embroidery business, I did not have any type of a guide ot help me get started and I made so many mistakes. There is so many key elements that I did not understand, but need to be set in place before you can become profitable. I wrote this embroidery business book to:

  • Help you create a Working Business Plan
  • Help you set your goals
  • Help you create your Marketing Plan
  • Show you how to price your Embroidery and Products
  • Help you find a Niche or your very own corner of the embroidery world
  • How you find good dedicated employees
  • Help you create an Action Plan that that is so vial to your business!

My passion is to help you get off to a fast start! There is no reason why you should start your embroidery sbusiness without the sufficient knowledge that will help you to succeed right from the beginning.

If you are someone that has already started your own embroidery business and is not having the type of success that you had envisioned, then this book will help you get on the right path to developing your own profitable embroidery business.

See the Table of Contents Inside
“The Truth about
Embroidery Business Success”

What others say!

“Joyce Jagger’s vast familiarity
with the genre and the business helped me become not
just an embroidery machine operator, but an accomplished
embroiderer and business owner. She has a
tremendous amount of knowledge to share and truly cares
about your success.”

Bob Dandurand
Elite Skate and Embroidery
Warrick, RI

Continental US


Don’t miss out on your chance to purchase this highly informative getting started book and start planning for future growth and profit in your own embroidery business!