Embroidery Business Success Tips!

Joyce Jagger, The Embroidery Coach

I am Joyce Jagger, The Embroidery Coach and I help embroidery business owners who value quality products and customer relationships that are ready to take massive action to shift their embroidery business into high gear!  Through on line training and one on one coaching I help you avoid pitfalls, you will learn how to price […]

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How To Make Small Lettering Look Great With A True Type Font?

How do I make my small lettering look great with a true type font?  My customer wants this font that is so thin that it just looks like a run stitch when I try to sew it out.  What am I doing wrong?  This is a question that I received from one of my students […]

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“The No. One Strategy That May Be Hurting Your Embroidery Business!”

The No. One strategy that may be hurting your embroidery business is your mindset!  Many times our thoughts are what hold us back from succeeding at what we want to achieve and may really be hurting our chances of having a successful embroidery business.  I wanted to charge higher prices for my embroidery work when […]

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Happy Embroidery Business Owner

“Would You Like To Have A Profitable Embroidery Business?”

A well organized, profitable embroidery business is something that all embroidery business owners dream of! Have you ever thought about what it would be like to wake up in the morning and know exactly what you were going to be doing all day long? I mean just picture this, you hop out of bed, you […]

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J & K Embroidery Plus Is A Winner In Stitches Magazine “2014 Big Decorating Challenge”!

Congratulations to Jackie Cooper, owner of  J & K Embroidery Plus for being  a winner in the Stitches Magazine “2014 Big Decorating Challenge.  Congratulations Jackie for this huge accomplishment of being a Second Runner Up in the “2014 Big Decorating Challenge” contest that was sponsored by Stitches Magazine!  Jackie is one of my Gold members […]

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Are You Where You Want To Be In Your Embroidery Business or Is Something Holding You Back?

When you look at your life and your embroidery business as it is today, are you where you want to be or are you miles away from your dreams and goals? It can cause such a feeling of frustration when you realize that no matter how hard you work you cannot seem to move forward […]

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