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Crystal Clear On Exactly What Areas In Your Embroidery
Business Are Making The Most Profits, And In What
Areas You Are Not Making Any Profits!

Do you find yourself spending hours, days or weeks getting your books ready to go to the accountant to have your taxes Embroidery Business Bookkeeping Systemdone at the end of the year? Do you get discouraged and then decide that you are never going to let this happen again, only to find yourself in the same mess the next year! I understand, I have been there and done that! If this sounds like you, then I want you to answer even more questions:

Do you know which area of your business is making you the most money?

Do you know which area of your business is costing you the most money?

Do you know exactly where you stand financially in your business today?

Can you print out a Profit & Loss report instantly and know exactly where you are at this moment?

Is creating an invoice a real hassle?

Do you put off creating your invoices because you have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what to charge your customers for the job that is already finished?

Do you have your customers listed on a spreadsheet but have a hard time locating it when you need it?

Do you know how much work you have in your shop at all times?

Are you ready to take your finished books to the accountant for your taxes as soon as the year is done?


If this sounds like your situation, you need some help! I have found that most embroiderers have no idea as to where they stand financially in their business and they do not know how to find out! This is sad but true.

I totally get that. I used to spend weeks going through all of the shoe boxes to make sure that I had all of the pieces of paper gathered together and add them to spreadsheets ready for my accountant. I had no idea as to what to do to get myself organized enough to do this on a weekly or monthly basis when I first started my business. I had no time to do this, I was too busy taking care of my customers and creating their products.

Bookkeeping was not in my thoughts at all. I found a program at the office supply store that I used to create invoices with but it did nothing else. I paid for my supplies when I purchased them so I had a record in my checkbook of those purchases but that is all that I had. A record of deposits and checks that I had written, that was it! I did not know if I was making a profit or losing money until after my accountant finished my taxes. It was embarrassing when I sat down with my accountant and had to admit that I had no idea as to what to do to get my mess straightened out.

I continued that nightmare for several years. I went to the bank to borrow some money and the banker gave me the name of an accountant that really was a great help to me. The banker said I had to have a business plan before they would even consider talking to me about a loan and the accountant could help me put it together. My new accountant found out very quickly that I had no bookkeeping system so he set me up with “QuickBooks” and started helping me put a system together.

Once I got into it I really enjoyed it and decided to take an accounting course at our local college at night so that I could have a better understanding of it. That was the beginning of learning how to systematize my business and my bookkeeping. My business totally changed when I finally got a handle on my bookkeeping and I was finally aware of where my business was profitable and where I needed to make some drastic changes!


Isn't It Time For You To Set Up Your Embroidery Business Bookkeeping System And Start Being More Aware Of Which Areas In Your Embroidery Business Are Profitable And Which Areas Are NOT Profitable?


I am Joyce Jagger, The Embroidery Joyce Jagger, The Embroidery CoachCoach, and I help embroidery business owners that are ready to take massive action to shift their embroidery business into high gear! Through online embroidery business training and one on one coaching:

  • I help you avoid pitfalls!
  • I help you set up your accounting system!
  • You will learn how to price your embroidery!
  • You will discover easy steps to follow on your path to success!

As a former owner of a profitable embroidery business, I am now in the business of helping you start your own profitable embroidery business or help you set up systems to take your current embroidery business to a higher profit level. I’ve spent over a decade helping other embroiderers get started and increase their profits. Embroidery can be a very lucrative business when you have the right systems, approach, and tools in place!

Now it is your time to start realizing the type of business you have always dreamed of. You have been waiting long enough for the help to get you to that next level. The wait is over!

You have your machine, you even know how to use it. You’ve started your business‚ but you’re having some problems with organization and paperwork! You know that you need a system to keep track of your sales, customers, expenses and profitability but you have no idea as to how to get started in setting up your embroidery business bookkeeping system!


Setting Up “QuickBooks” For The Decorating Apparel Business Is Different Than Setting Up “QuickBooks” For Another Type Of Business!


Most accountants do not understand the apparel decorating business of any kind and they cannot set up your embroidery business bookkeeping system the way that it should be so that you can check your profitability in every department within Accountant helping the embroidery coachyour business!

Through a lot of trial and error and having my accountant work directly with me in my business, we came up with a system to track each department within my business. I was able to tell if I was making or losing money in any one area of the business at all times.

He helped me set up a profitable price list and I was able to load that into my “QuickBooks” and create invoices that were so easy and simple!


Introducing: Embroidery Business Essentials – Your Embroidery Business Bookkeeping System!


Embroidery Business Bookkeeping System

I have created a program to teach you how to set up your accounting system in a way that will help you keep track of each area within your business and help you create your invoices quickly. You will be able to send your customer their invoice prior to picking up their items and they will know exactly how much money to bring in as they are picking up their finished order! You will look more professional to your customers, be more organized and have a more consistent cash flow!


I Want To Get Signed Up For My Embroidery Business Bookkeeping System Starting Today!


Module 1 – Organizing Your Information

  • Video showing you how to Organize Your Information
  • Video explaining Basic Job Costing if you have not completed the Pricing Program-It is the basics & Not as complete as the Pricing Program
  • Forms for Gathering Customers-Vendors Information – Costing

Module 2 – Setting Up Chart Of Accounts -Products & Price Lists

  • Video showing you the different types of accounts that will be in your Chart of Accounts. I also explain about Organizing your Products and Creating your Pricing Codes. Your pricing must be in place prior to this.
  • Video showing you how to set up your QuickBooks Account Settings
  • Video showing you how to Organize Your Chart of Accounts
  • Video showing you how to Set up Your New Chart of Accounts
  • Video showing you how to Create a Product Sheet
  • Forms-Sample Product Sheet-Product List for Importing Products

Module 3 – Importing Lists – Customers, Vendors, Product & Price Lists

  • Introduction to Importing your information into QuickBooks
  • Importing your Lists – I go into detail about how to import each type of list
  • Creating your Classes

Module 4 – Create Your Invoices, Statements & Reports

  • Invoices & Payments in QuickBooks – I go over the organization of adding a work order, creating an invoice & applying payments
  • Creating your Work Order-Converting it to an Invoice
  • Receiving a Customer Deposit – Creating a Sales Receipt
  • Bank Deposits
  • Last Minute Tips


In this 4 module course, I will teach you how to get you on the right path to having your information organized inside of QuickBooks making it so much easier to create the profit that you are looking for and help you to keep track of it on a daily basis.

At the end of this course, you will be able to start creating your invoices quickly and you should start seeing an increase in your cash flow! That is exciting! Can you imagine how great it would be to have a more consistent cash flow, the feeling of being organized and knowing exactly where you are in your business at all time! WOW! What a relief it would be to have that off your shoulders!

Embroidery Business Essentials, Your Embroidery Business Bookkeeping System You Have All Of This Information At Your Fingertips 24 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week.

Total Investment of $297  Embroidery Business Bookkeeping System$297.00 


Yes, I want to get signed up today to have access to this amazing Embroidery Business Bookkeeping System program!

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PS: Do not wait another day to get your books in order! You absolutely need to have all of your systems in place to make yourself and your business more profitable! This Embroidery Business Bookkeeping System is one of the main systems that will help your business run more smoothly and be more profitable!