Caroline Atkins – ACE Atkins Creative Embroidery-Brisbane, Australia

Caroline Atkins-Chamber Award

Joyce, I am truly blessed and grateful that I found you. My whole approach to life business family has shifted to positive and allowing the universe to give me all I need to do what has to be done in each area of business.

Joyce your teaching is remarkable with what you have to offer right there at our finger tips, believing in ourselves to do it with the backing from you, you have always been there and I‚’m so grateful.

Sometimes it is the simple things that you have to learn like time management, using your computer as much as you can to use the icons to help your business by making it easy to access. Taking time out for people to get to know who you are, I do this through networking because I‚’m a Home base business this is a good way to meet other people in business and for them to get to know who I am.

Planning our week with work sheets have been valuable it works and if anyone is having trouble with it, just keep trying as Joyce always says it doesn‚’t matter if you don‚’t get it done put it on the next day‚’s work sheet. It is just such a great feeling when you get through the day and you have completed and been able to add more.

Work room placement is such a good feeling when you know where everything is and is arms reach away and that goes for paper work too. When I started with Joyce I thought my workroom was pretty good and well set out and clean, then Joyce asked me to take photos and send them to her so she could help me making sure that it was with in working range and not wasting steps or time when doing a job. When I saw the photos it gave me a real look at what it did look like and it needed to be cleared of anything that wasn‚’t being used and more table space. I needed to get rid of a clothes rake that was taking up to much space and add wall racks for my samples. Add draws for my hoops. Joyce had so many good tips for making our work space workable.

Working with Joyce is just the most valuable item in my business she has so much to offer and until we do it we won‚’t know. Through working with Joyce I have learnt how to use my computer correctly and still learning her 9 steps Profitable programme it is a must. ( If I had have started with Joyce at the beginning when I started my business which was 2006 my business would be 10 times what it is today because of what I have learnt). But we must do the work.

Last month I had the Honour of winning Business Distinction 2015 (Home Business) with the Logan Chamber of Commerce here in Logan city where I live. My Business A.C.E Atkins Creative Embroidery was nominated by the public or a client I was emailed a formal nomination kit for judging criteria and I had to answer Six questions with description or describe answers this was hard, I left it for about a week and a half and then decided to do it when I had finished and sent it off I thought that was good I felt I had put my heart and soul into it and I had a mind map plan to move forward over the next three years this was the most important thing to me by doing it all I have to do is work on that plan every day.

It was working with Joyce and what I have learnt that gave me the courage to enter this award and I did not think ever that I would win

Thank you Joyce for all your help encouragement to learn the embroidery business step by step.

As a client of Joyce‚’s you won‚’t regret it.