If You Do Not Understand Embroidery Push and Pull Compensation, Read This Immediately!

Embroidery Push and Pull Compensation - How To Apply Push and Pull Compensation To Your Embroidery Designs!

Are You Struggling With The Shapes In Your Embroidery Designs?

From: Joyce Jagger, The Embroidery Coach
Re: The Understanding of Embroidery Push and Pull Compensation!

Are you confused about how to use embroidery pull compensation?

As an embroidery business owner wanting to learn how to digitize my own designs, I was so confused and did not know how to get the answers to the questions that I needed! I was constantly having issues with the shapes in my designs and did not understand how to make a round shape stay round.  It always seems to look egg shape.

I searched and searched for information to teach me how to understand Push and Pull in embroidery designs, but I just could not seem to come up with what I needed to help me learn.  It always seemed like some of the information was missing.

Were they holding back some of the little tips and tricks?  What was my problem? There had to be an easy way to do this!

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Here Are A Few Of The Issues I Had With My Designs That Were Very Troubling To Me!
Can You Relate To Any Of Them?

I constantly wondered why a design did not look the same when I
sewed it out on different types of fabrics.

My round circles looked like ovalsl!  They looked round on the screen; why
don't they sew out round?

Sometimes my lettering would sew out thin or too thick and I did not
know what to do about it.

My lettering would not sew out even but it appeared even on the screen.
My squares looked great on the screen but they pushed out at the
and no longer looked square.

Once I learned the secrets of how to create and apply the embroidery push and pull compensation to my embroidery designs, it opened up a whole new world for me.  I was able to create designs that my customers loved and they sewed out great!  You can do this too!

Are You of Struggling With These Same Types Of Issues In Your Embroidery Designs?

It was a huge struggle for me until I fully understood how to create Embroidery Push and Pull Compensation and apply it to my embroidery designs.  Until I learned how to cope with the issues of push and pull, creating a single embroidery design or set up to my satisfaction took many hours and was extremely stressful!

Introducing: Learn The Secrets Of Embroidery Push and Pull Compensation and How To Apply It To Your Embroidery Designs!

Embroidery Push and Pull Compensation


I have created an online video training course that I am so excited about called "Learn The Secrets Of Embroidery Push and Pull Compensation and How To Apply It To Your Embroidery Designs!"  I finally discovered the way to Keep it Simple and yet extremely effective!  In this online video training course, I show you step by step how to create Pull Compensation with all of the correct settings that will work for the different types of fabrics.

My easy method will save you valuable time and give you great looking embroidery setups and designs every single time.  These are techniques that will work in any brand of embroidery design software that has an editing function.  You must learn how to edit in order to be able to offer high-quality embroidery designs that will keep your customers coming back for more.  I will show you a lot of those techniques inside of the videos in this course.

Here Are Some Of The Fantastic Benefits You Will Receive After You Have Learned The Secrets of How to Create And Apply Embroidery Push and Pull Compensation To Your Embroidery Designs!

Learning how to use Push and Pull Compensation in your embroidery designs is critical to every embroidery business owner that wants to produce the type of designs that really make them stand out from the crowd! 

You will discover why you need to use embroidery push and pull compensation and what settings to use for your different situations, fabrics and design applications.

Learning to understand the concept of Embroidery Push and Pull Compensation will help you create designs that will sew better and look better.

Saves Time! You will learn the tips and tricks that I use to set up my designs. You can do it quickly saving a huge amount of time!

The Finished Design will look the same on all types of fabrics that you are using for your sew outs! I share with you the settings that I use for the different types of fabrics. You can quickly duplicate what I do. Your design will look the same whether you are sewing on a stable woven fabric or a soft knit.

You Will Be Able To Produce Production Friendly Designs! Your design will take less time to sew out, have fewer thread breaks and less trimming!

You, Will, Be Producing Higher Quality Designs. Your customers will love your new designs and will send you more work!

Sample of Basic Stock Lettering On The Top Line
The Right Settings of Underlay Stitching and Pull Compensation added to the Second Line

You Will Learn Why It Is So Important To Have Specific Pull Comp Settings for the different types of fabrics. When you have the correct settings your designs look great even on the "Moisture Wicking" fabrics!

You Too Can Learn The Secrets of Embroidery Push and Pull Compensation That Is A Must In Today's Corporate World!

In this Secrets of Embroidery Push and Pull Compensation Online Video Training series, I am teaching you how to create Small Lettering that will sew out great on almost any type of fabric. I discuss the Underlay and Pull Compensation settings that are so important for the different types of fabrics.

Knowing how to set up your designs properly and embroider them is extremely important in today’s world. Many corporate logos have tiny lettering incorporated into them and if you do not know how to apply the correct pull comp settings in your lettering sew out,  it will ruin the look of the entire design. 

Can you afford NOT to know how to create Push and Pull Compensation for your embroidery designs? Learn the Secrets of Embroidery Push and Pull Compensation for all of your embroidery designs and embroidery design setups!

With Your Purchases Today, You Will Receive The Following Bonuses!

Cheat Sheet for Basic Settings - These include density, underlay stitching and pull compensation for Knit Fabrics and Woven Fabrics! 

Checklist To Determine Quality of Design-When you get a design back from the digitizer or if you have digitized the design yourself, there are some key factors that you need to look for when you are determining the quality of your small lettering and embroidery designs! This checklist will help you determine the quality of that design or lettering set up!

This cheatsheet and checklist are worth the price of the program alone!

100% Money Back Guarantee

We have an iron clad 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!  If you are not satisfied with what you are taught in this "Secrets to Embroidery Push and Pull Compensation" Online Video Training Program, your money will be refunded, no questions asked!

Here Is A Quick Overview of What You Will Be Receiving When You Purchase the "Learn The Secrets Of Embroidery Push and Pull Compensation and How To Apply It To Your Embroidery Designs" Online Video Training Course!

Written Documentation of my presentation - I explain the issues, how to correct them, how to adjust fabric recipes and styles for embroidery setups. The document covers the entire presentation.

The Theory of Embroidery Push and Pull Compensation and what it actually is -  I show you a power point presentation and I explain to you about Embroidery Pull Compensation. It is very important to learn as much as you can about Embroidery push and pull. Every design that you create needs to have pull compensation added. The amount will depend on the type of fabric you are using.

The Basics Of Creating Embroidery Pull Compensation - I go into the software and show you the basics of creating embroidery pull compensation and how to allow for both the push and the pull that happens when you are sewing your designs out onto your fabrics.

Creating Embroidery Pull Compensation Part 2 - I show you how to create perfect squares that do not turn out like rectangles when you sew them out. The same principle works for creating perfect circles. This is not hard to do once you understand this total concept of Embroidery Push and Pull Compensation.

Embroidery Push and Pull Compensation Design files for you to sew out so you can see how Pull Compensation makes a difference.

A small investment of only $147 will provide you with all of the information needed to add Embroidery Pull Compensation to your embroidery design setups and digitized designs to produce the type of embroidery designs that you will be proud of and will bring in more customers!

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