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From the Desk of: Joyce Jagger, The Embroidery Coach
Re: Embroidery Business Academy Offline Program! 

The idea of having an embroidery business is exciting but when you first started your business, did you stop to think about the quality of embroidery that you were able to produce?  Did you think about hiring operators that were highly trained only to find out that they were not available?  Did you stop to think about how you would train your embroidery employees?  This is one of the most important parts and the only part that is going to help you grow your business.Frustrated Embroiderer

If you have been in business for a while, is it going the way that you had envisioned? Do you have the right systems in place to help you keep track of the progress of your business?  I know that I did not when I started my business and there were days when I felt like pulling my hair out!

I have no Internet access in the Embroidery Shop, How can I get the information that I need to train my embroidery employees and run my embroidery business?  That's simple, this is an offline program with videos on USB drives and written material inside of heavy-duty binders!  NO INTERNET REQUIRED!

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • Do my operators know how to produce High-Quality Embroidery?
  • Do any of my operators know how to edit the designs when they come back from the digitizer?
  • Do any of my operators understand embroidery design settings?
  • Do you have the right tools for keeping track of your orders?
  • Do you have all of your jobs listed on a scheduling sheet and always up to date?

If you cannot say YES to each one of these questions, you may need help setting up your embroidery business for Success!  Without a positive answer to each one of these questions, it is very hard to create a success of your embroidery business!

Joyce Jagger, The Embroidery Coach is an Expert in Embroidery Business Training and Currently Has The Longest-Running Embroidery Coaching Program on and off the Internet.

Joyce Jagger, The Embroidery CoachJoyce had her own multi-head embroidery shop for over 20 years. She has done Consulting and Training for over 20 years and has helped hundreds of struggling embroiderers increase their business and become very profitable!

She wrote the book, "The Truth About Embroidery Business Success" from her own experience as an embroidery business owner and from working with other embroiderers.

Introducing: The Embroidery Business Academy Offline Training Program

Embroidery Business Academy Offline Training Program

The Embroidery Business Academy Offline Program for Success is Designed for Anyone That Does Not Have Internet Access!  It is the same information that I have inside of the Embroidery Business Academy Online Membership Program.

“Here Is A Sample Of What You Can Expect In Our Offline Video Training Program!”

Video: Re-hooping Embroidery Garment – It Fell Out Of The Hoop

In this video, I show you how to repair a sweatshirt that fell out of the hoop before it was finished with the embroidery.  This could have been a ruined sweatshirt, but I was able to line it up perfectly and complete the embroidery.

I go through the entire process and show you exactly what to do to make this happen.  An embroidery problem like this can happen at any time!  You must be prepared for it.

Video: Restitching Embroidery Design In The Same Location

In this embroidery training video, I show you how to restitch the embroidery design in the same exact location on the garment that the previous design was embroidered. You must line up the marked lines with the registration marks in your embroidery hoop as you are hooping your garment.

When you put it in the machine you will also line up the needle with the lines in the hoop.It is very important to know how to repair any type of issue in your embroidery designs.

“Here Is What Is Included Inside Of The Embroidery Business
Academy Offline Training Program!"

6 Heavy Duty Binders with the Printed Documents inside of each book.  I have a USB Device
for each one of the 6 Binders with the information on it applicable to that binder.

  • Book 1 - How To Start An Embroidery Business - 4 Videos and 12 Documents.  It also contains a copy of the book that I wrote "The Truth About Embroidery Business Success"
  • Book 2 - Embroidery Basics - 68 Videos and 71 Documents
  • Book 3 - Embroidery Techniques - 117 Videos and 19 Documents
  • Book 4 - Design Basics & Design Editing - 85 Videos and 36 Documents
  • Book 5 - Pricing & Business organization - 41 Videos and 51 Documents
  • Book 6 - Marketing & Bookkeeping - 47 Videos and 57 Documents
  • 1 External Hard Drive with all of the information on it.  
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The Embroidery Business Academy Offline Program is the perfect place to start if you have had your Embroidery Business for some time and you
want to build a business that produces high-quality embroidery and Stands Above The Competition!

This is a huge money-saving opportunity that is going to give you all of the embroidery business training you will ever need plus being able to take
a test to become a Certified Embroidery Business Specialist With The Full Program!


This Embroidery Business Academy Offline Full Embroidery Training Program
is only $2500. Get Started Today!


Would You Prefer Department Bundled Programs?

How To Embroider Basics - $797.00

How To Start An Embroidery Business
Embroidery Basics
Embroidery Techniques


Design Basics & Design Editing - $797

How To Embroider Small Lettering
Design Creation Basics
Advanced Editing & Design Techniques


Embroidery Business Tools - $1197.00

How To Price Embroidery
How To Market Embroidery
Embroidery Business Organization
Embroidery Business Plan
Accounting Or Bookkeeping Set-Up

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Embroidery Business Academy Offline Program

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