C & N Embroidery and Corporate Apparel

I wanted to share a testimonial that I just received from one of my
private clients.

Nancy Newman and her daughter Crissy Spalek of
C & N Embroidery and Corporate Apparel!

C & N Embroidery Showroom

They had a small shop in town that was cluttered and not very inviting. They build a new building on Crissy's property by her home and moved into it in January. They also changed their name so that people would know what they were all about. They have come so far and have made huge strides in their business and I am very proud of them and the fantastic job that they have done! This makes it ALL worth it!!

“Just wanted to let you know that EVERYTHING is working much better. We are in our new space and it looks great! We now have a real office with a window (small and high but a window). The production area is running at high efficiency thanks to your suggestions with the baskets/bins and the new forms. We modified the form templates you provided and came up with one that works really well.

When Michael went to have his cataract surgery I noticed a large dry erase board on the wall that had all the doctor's names on it with dry erase magnet tape under each name with the name of the patient, attending nurse, operating room number etc. on it. As a patient was wheeled out of pre-op their name was removed from the board. We are now using a similar system so the machine operators know which order comes next and which are rush (written in red).

All-in-all, the stress level has gone done 80% and efficiency is up 75%. I am still struggling to get the office up to date and I am doing better about keeping up with the daily “stuff” and expect to be in good shape in another 30 days. Thanks so much for your help!”

Nancy Newman
C & N Embroidery and Corporate Apparel
Columbus, Texas