Embroidery Design Placement Grids

The Perfect Christmas Gift!

Embroidery Design Placement Grids are a set of three clear plastic grids with engraved markings that will not wear off
or rub off!  You are going to love these grids!

Embroidery Design Placement Grids

Embroidery Design Placement GridGrid # LC201- Left-Right Chest Design Placement.

In my videos, I use a grid for marking the fronts & backs of garments. I now have grids that I have had custom made to fit embroiderers needs. I have them marked so that you can easily find the placement of the Left & Right chest sized logo placement. I also use them for the full jacket or sweatshirt sized designs. They are very easy to use and come with a PDF of instructions.

These are very handy to use to mark your first garment and then line it up on your HoopMaster to line up your Hoop Fixture on a certain number for each size.

Grid # CNR203 Corner Marking Grid

Diagonal Embroidery Design Marking Grid

This grid is perfect for diagonal marking such as Napkins, Blankets, or Tablecloths.




Grid #CAP202 Cap Grid 

This marking grid is perfect for all types of caps and can be used to mark pockets as well.

Embroidery Design Cap Grid

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