“How To Price Embroidery”
“The Simple Embroidery Pricing System That  Helped Me Turn My Failing Business Around and Can Help You Set Up Your Embroidery Business For Success!”

Are You Sick And Tired Of Working So Hard And
Not Making Enough Money?

Pricing Your Embroidery Wrong
Is The One Mistake You Cannot Afford To Make!


Let Me Ask…

  • Are you caught in the Embroidery pricing trap? Do you think that you have to stay in line with the competition? This is a trap that will kill your business!

  • Are you constantly struggling to make ends meet?

  • Do you have an easy system for pricing your embroidery that helps you give your customer or prospect an instant price quote?

  • Does your current embroidery price list make you a profit?

  • Would YOU like to know How to Price Your Embroidery for a profit?
For many years I worked very hard trying to make a living with my embroidery business and no matter how many hours I put into it, or how hard I worked, I just could not seem to make ends meet! I thought that I was charging right, but I was constantly plagued with the questions; What should I charge for my embroidery? Am I doing this right?

I could not understand what I was doing wrong. I spent a lot of time studying pricing methods that I read about in the trade magazines and they just did not work for me. I took courses that the Small Business Administration sponsored, and I just could not relate that to my business. It was very frustrating. No matter what I did, I felt like a total failure. I was going further and further into the hole and had no clue how I was going to get out of it.

I was at the point where I had to make a decision; either I figure out how to turn this business around or close the doors! I could not do that as 32 employees were depending on me for their job! That alone was a huge responsibility!

I Know How It Feels To Work So Hard, To Continuously Struggle, And Not Have Anyone To Help Me With My Many Issues! I Spent Years Trying To Learn!

Can You Relate To That?

Joyce Jagger, The Embroidery CoachI am Joyce Jagger, The Embroidery Coach, and I developed this easy to use system that took me from almost losing everything to being able to create a profitable embroidery business. I am now here to make pricing easier and help you avoid the long learning curve that I went through. Through online embroidery business training and one on one coaching, I help you set up systems to take your current embroidery business to a higher profit level!  I’ve spent over a decade helping other embroiderers get started, increase their profits, and build successful embroidery businesses. Embroidery can be a very lucrative business when you have the right systems, approach, and tools in place!

Are You Making Any Of The Same Mistakes That I Made?

  • Creating your price list like everyone else did. You gathered price lists from the other embroiderers and averaged them out. Was that your first Price List? Did that seem to be the only logical thing to do?
  • You charge by stitch count alone because that is what everyone else is doing! Are you making the same mistake? There is so much more to it than just stitch count!
  • Are you absorbing all of the other costs that go into the ordering and production process! Who is paying to get the design ready for the customer? Who is paying for you or someone else to organize the order before production? Who is paying to hoop the garments? Who is paying to finish and pack the garments? Are you the one paying for all of this? That is not the way that it is supposed to be, but you have heard over and over that you are supposed to charge by the stitch count!
  • Do you lower your prices when a customer says they can get it cheaper from a competitor! You may be thinking that a little money is better than none at all! 
  • Are your employees getting paid well, week after week, but there is nothing left for you? 

I was clueless when it came to how to price embroidery! I was just doing what everyone else was doing! That was not the way to go, but I did not know any different! I had no business background and up until a short period before my accountant started helping me, I did not even have an accountant! All the courses that I took and the books that I read did not help. It was so hard for me to relate what they were saying to my embroidery business!

My Accountant Understood What Was Needed And Came To The Rescue!

He Had All Of The Right Answers!

My accountant said to raise my prices. He did not understand my business, so I thought!  It was very scary to raise my prices and lose all of my customers!  Actually, what difference did it make? I was losing my business anyway!

With his help, I discovered that I had been losing a lot more money than I originally thought!  I had no choice but to raise my prices! I was giving all of my work away and absolutely not making any money! My employees were the only ones that were benefiting from this business! I was not getting anything from it except a huge headache and a lot of sleepless nights!

If that is where you are, I understand exactly how you feel! I felt exactly the same way. I knew all along that I needed to raise my prices, but how could I do that and not lose my customers? I was working way too many hours a week, but I was not making enough money to even take home a paycheck! I sat down and cried every time I had to write out the paychecks! There was never enough money left for me!

Are you able to take home a paycheck from your embroidery business? My accountant said this was no way to run a business and he was right! If you too are wondering what to charge for embroidery, this same Embroidery Pricing System can work for you. This is the exact system that my accountant helped me to develop. This only difference is, it has been upgraded many times to keep up with all the changes in the Apparel Decorating Industry.

Introducing: “How To Price Embroidery!”

The Simple Embroidery Pricing System That WORKS!

How To Price Embroidery

I developed a Simple System to show you How To Price Embroidery and help you create your own Profitable Embroidery Price Lists! This is the same system that I used to take my business from a deep red hole into seeing a profitable bottom line. This program is an online video-based program that teaches you, step by step, exactly how to create your own Profitable Embroidery Price Lists!

My accountant helped me create spreadsheets that I could use to start putting my Embroidery Pricing System together. I was totally amazed at the results of using them at the end of the first week. Hundreds of other embroiderers have seen the same results after they started using my system!

I quickly realized immediately how much money I had been losing. My employees were not happy at first because this also meant that they had to fill in a form that they were not used to doing! After the first week, they were OK. It gave them a chance to see the positive growth, and they were thrilled that they were a part of that positive growth!

Did I lose customers when I raised my prices? YES, I did. But they were the people that were working with us only because of our low prices. To my surprise, I lost fewer clients than I expected I would. The customers that were interested in consistency, good customer service, and high-quality embroidery stayed and I rebuilt from there! This was the beginning of not working as hard and finally making enough money to not only pay the bills but actually get a paycheck myself and make a profit.

How Do You Know If This Program Is Right For You?

  • Are You A Home-Based Embroidery Business?
  • Are You An Apparel Decorator That Offers Many Services?
  • Do You Offer Embroidery In Your Retail Store?
  • Are You A Contract Embroiderer?
  • Are You A 9 to 5'r Doing Embroidery In Your Free Time?

This program will work for any type of pricing scenario for any level of apparel decorating business!  It does not matter if you are a one-person business or a very large embroidery business with many employees!

What if YOU do not know how to work with spreadsheets?  That is OK!  I created a video to teach you how to work with spreadsheets!   I even show you how to create an inventory spreadsheet that will help you keep track of your inventory!

What if YOU do not have Microsoft Excel?  Not a problem!  I give you a link to a Free Spreadsheet program that works the same as Excel! 

“You Really Don't Know What You Don't Know!”

I want to thank you for all of your hard work and for the incredible amount of invaluable information you offer to a new or established embroiderers.  You are amazing! I just had to drop you a quick line to let you know how thrilled I am having access to your How To Price Embroidery Program! What a great program!! I started my business in 2006 and believe me, I've done a lot of research over the years.

Once we moved out of our home to a retail location things changed dramatically.  I have sat in on several classes over the years on how to price embroidery.  Each of them had their own twist, but basically, they all had the same information for the calculations, so when I saw your program, I figured that it was just ore of the same information so I passed it over.

We had been struggling financially and it wasn't until the gal that does my invoices told me for the 100th time that I was not charging enough that I decided to take another look at it.  I thought I knew the formula.  Now that I have your program, I know how wrong I was!!  It is so much more comprehensive than any of the others I have tried..

Yes, the core of the calculations is the same, but the additional variables that absolutely MUST be taken into consideration are built right into the system!  Once you put your information into the base program, man, it creates your price list for you!  It is a tremendous tool! The videos that explain the system really simplify the entire process.  It is well worth the investment!

Cindy Proctor

Embroidery Business Owner, Busy Bee Embroidery. Harrisburg, PA

This Simple System Is Going To Give You A Totally New Lease On Life And Bring New Life Into Your Business!

  • Create Price Lists The Easy Way Just follow the Step by Step System. Once you have Step 1 through Step 3 completed, your price list will automatically be created for you! You have formatted spreadsheets that can be used over and over. You will be able to create your price lists for any type situation very quickly and easily! When you update a cost change on your basic cost sheet, all of your figures are automatically updated creating a new price list without any additional time or effort! This is a huge time saver!
  • Create Pricing For All Your Apparel Decorating Services Beyond Embroidery   The same program is set up so that you can create price lists for each department within your business! Once you have your embroidery pricing structure in place, you can repeat the process and create additional price lists for all of the other apparel decorating services that you offer, a price that will create a profit for you in each area!
  • Grow your Business – Once you have your price lists created, you will always know when you are making a profit. You will bring in more money and grow your business more quickly!
  • Generate Price Quotes Quickly – This will bring in more customers! You will benefit from your ability to give your them customers and prospects an instant quote! Have you ever been in the position where you need to come down in your price to get a job that you really wanted? Your Price List Prep Sheet will show you exactly how far down you can go with your price and still make a profit. No guesswork! This feature is huge when you are in a bidding war!
  • Increase Your Sales – Your customers will have complete confidence in you and your ability to handle their order correctly and professionally. When you conduct business in a professional manner, have the right tools in place, a high-quality product, and great customer service, you can charge more. This works the same for the home-based business as it does for a business with a storefront.

When You Offer Top Quality, Great Customer Service, And On-Time Delivery, You Can Name Your Prices In Your Embroidery Business! 

I’ve been dreading the conversation with one of my new wholesale accounts. My pricing is significantly higher than what he’s been paying. This guy is a hipster and one can NOT judge a book by its cover. I have been really impressed with him and his accounts that we’ve sewn so far. I wanted to talk to him face to face about the pricing, but it hadn’t worked yet this week.

So I called because I had a couple other things to review with him on accounts that needed approval. I had mentally prepared myself that I would lose the account and I would have to look to develop other accounts. I told him that I would not be able to meet his previous pricing. I had initially thought that I would be a lot closer, but I’m significantly higher. I told him that I think we’re a good match for him because we typically have a machine running hats nearly all the time and he could count on our quality. He was very nice and said that he’d adjust his pricing because he wanted to work with US! ?  Here’s his email after I sent him the pricing:

“Thanks, Linda. Yes, it is higher, but It will force the client to get their order size up. I have been requiring a min of 24 pieces so it’s not awful. I’ve enjoyed working with you and appreciate what has been done thus far. This is an easy fix on my end. We will keep moving forward.” 

I’m excited beyond words. I would NEVER have done this without your Pricing Program! When I talked to you about this problem of feeling like I needed to lower my prices for this account, you said “NO, Hold your ground!  The other embroiderer lost that account because of their customer service.” Thank you, Joyce.  I know it’s not about price, but truthfully it has been ruling me!

Linda Gadwood

Owner, Logo Linda

Here Is A Sample Of What Is Waiting For You Inside Of The Members Area!

  • Expense Spreadsheets Workbook
  • Artwork Tracking & Timing Form
  • Production Tracking & Timing Form
  • Department Spreadsheets
  • Embroidery Company Payroll Sheets
  • Total Pricing Workbook
  • And More…

This Online “How To Price Embroidery System” Gives YOU All Of The Pricing Tools That You Will Ever Need!

Just follow the steps – Starting with Step 1. Once you finish Step 3, your price list is automatically created for you!!

Module 1 – Price List Preparation – Step 1

  • Learn how to keep track of and time your processes
  • Gives you all of your forms for timing your processes
  • How to organize and format your expenses for your starting point

Module 2 – Plugging In The Numbers – Step 2

  • It will teach you how to find your Breakeven point
  • You will learn how to plan for future business growth
  • Planning for each area or service that you offer in your business

Module 3 – Creating Your Price Lists – Step 3

  • You will learn how to create pricing for any type of customer or price level in your business
  • I show you how to use your price list in a bid situation
  • Your Price Lists are created for you automatically

Module 4 – Package Pricing – Step 4

  • You are given Formatted Price lists for the combination of the Product & Embroidery and another one for Product & Print in whatever quantity that you want!
  • The spreadsheets are all formatted for you!
  • This is a huge time saver, especially when you want to give a customer a quote on the fly or update your Price List!

Bonus: Embroidery Business Scheduling System

An Easy to Use Production Scheduling System. It is totally formatted to create your own efficient production flow with videos showing you step by step exactly how to use the Production Scheduling System. This system helps you increase your production and your income. You will be able to schedule all of your jobs for on-time delivery.  You will instantly know where you can slide in an extra job or know if you can do a rush job!

 This Online “How To Price Embroidery System”  Is Specifically For Embroiderers Like You That Need To Start Making A Profit In Your Embroidery Business!

It is time for you to start charging what you should charge for your embroidery, like the professional that you are, so you can actually make a living from your business or at least earn a good supplemental income.  With this system, you will get all of the tools to be able to make that happen!

I Need To Get Started Now!



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Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

If you are not fully satisfied with this “How To Price Embroidery System” after you have created your Profitable Pricing Structure, your money will be returned! I want you to be able to create your own Profitable Embroidery Pricing Structure and start making a profit in your embroidery business just like so many other embroiderers have done!