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Does This Sound familiar?

You have been doing embroidery at home and have discovered that you want to start your own embroidery business but you just do not know where to start! You are tired of the corporate world that you have been stuck in for so long and you want to get out of that trap! Starting your own embroidery business has been a dream of yours for such a long time but you do not know who to turn to, to help get you started! 

  • You own an embroidery machine but it is sitting there collecting dust because you are not sure how to even start using it!
  • You are not sure what kind of embroidery stabilizer or embroidery backing to use on the different types of garments!
  • Your embroidery machine just ate up a shirt!
  • You see holes in your garments after you finish the embroidery!
  • I just made a big mistake!  How do I fix that?

How Do You Get The Help You Need To Start Your Own Embroidery Business?

Joyce Jagger The Embroidery CoachI am Joyce Jagger, The Embroidery Coach and I am here to help you get your own embroidery business started quickly and make it easier for you so that you can avoid a long learning curve! My passion is to help you improve your embroidery skills so that you can provide higher quality products and increase your embroidery business profits!

As a former owner of a profitable embroidery business, I am now in the business of helping you start your own profitable embroidery business or help you take your current embroidery business to a higher level. I have helped many embroidery business owners turn their unprofitable businesses into a business that they could be very proud of.

How Am I Qualified To Teach You How To Start An Embroidery Business!

You may have heard of me or you may know nothing about me and why I am qualified to teach you about How to Start an Embroidery Business! I have NOT always been a success. At one point in my business, I almost lost it all because of the mistakes that I was making, so I just wanted you to know that whatever you are going through or have been through, I have already been there and done that! With the help of my accountant, I was able to turn it around and create a profitable business! I know a profitable embroidery business can be created and when you take the right steps it happens much quicker! Singer zig zag sewing machine

Almost 40 years ago I started my own embroidery business as a result of a good friend asking me to put a name on some jackets. It was a very frustrating process at the time because I only had a home sewing machine, I had no idea as to how to start a business or even how to embroider, but after struggling through it, I really liked the end result and so did my friend. After I finished the names on those jackets, I decided that this just might be a good way to bring in some extra cash! After doing a little investigating I found out that there was no one in our area that was offering this type of service. That was the beginning of my long career in this wonderful world of embroidery.

Can I Make Money With An Embroidery Business? Yes, YOU Can!

You may be like so many other people that want to start your own embroidery business but in the back of your mind you may be thinking, OK, that worked for her, but what about me?

  • I have never had a business! Will I be able to do this?
  • Can I make money with an embroidery business?
  • Where can I get the help that I will need to get me started?

Starting my own embroidery business was not planned in any way, but when my friend asked me to embroider the names on those jackets, I discovered that I enjoyed it very much! Can You Make Money In The Embroidery BusinessHe knew that I loved to sew and create gift items so he thought maybe I would be interested in putting names on school jackets. That was the beginning of a very small embroidery business that started in my home but grew very rapidly. I did no preparation and had no idea how to run a business.

I loved what I was doing and it did not seem like work! I wish I had had a coach to help guide me through the ins and outs of starting an embroidery business instead of struggling and finding my own way. I spent many long nights and stressful days working out all of the processes to turn my business around to make it profitable.

I now share all of the knowledge and processes to work with brand new embroiderers to get them started on the right path from day one. Many have created very profitable embroidery businesses! I am proud to say that I have spent over a decade helping other embroiderers increase their profits. An embroidery business can be very lucrative when you have the right systems, approach, and tools in place! I am here to help you create those systems and make it easy for you to turn that dream into a reality!

Building an embroidery business does not have to be so hard! Don't try to do it all alone!
We Are In This Together!


The feeling of excitement when you open for business and that first customer walks through the door!Successful girl The wonderful feeling you will have when that first customer walks out with a smile on her face so pleased with what you were able to create for her! Having The Embroidery Coach there to guide you through each step of the process!

All of this is possible…

When you have The Embroidery Coach there to teach you the fundamentals of embroidery and how to price and market your embroidery with confidence! Building your own embroidery business can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time! There is so much to do, so much to learn and so many areas to prepare for before you can even open the doors for business. The right embroidery business training will shorten your learning curve and help avoid that overwhelming feeling to get you up and running quickly! You need:

  • To know what kind of embroidery backing/stabilizers and toppings to use on all types of fabrics
  • To know how to hoop many different types of items.
  • To know which embroidery needles to use for what fabrics
  • To learn how to fix embroidery mistakes
  • A List of Suppliers
  • The Embroidery Coach to be honest with you and help you KEEP IT SIMPLE!
  • And a whole lot more!

As a result of all of my experience, I can now show you exactly how to start your own profitable embroidery business.  I walk you step by step through the entire process.  I have even created a workbook for you to follow through each step.  This makes it easy and keeps you on track to create a business that you can be proud of!  I am very excited about this new program and I am here to help you get your own embroidery business started today! There is no guesswork in this program or fluff! Just step by step guidance!

“Introducing: How To Start An Embroidery Business!”

HowToStart w Border_TEC

How To Start An Embroidery Business is an online video training program to teach you the fundamentals of how to start an embroidery business. You will have all of the basic information that you need to get started in your embroidery business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! I include listings of all of the basic equipment, tools, supplies, and software that you will need to get started.

Planning your embroidery businessPlanning Your Embroidery Business

In this module, you will do all of your Preliminary planning for your embroidery business. I will also show you how to:

  • Set Your Goals
  • Research for your Equipment and Software
  • Plan & Organize each area of your business & Configure your Floor Space & Create your Floor Plan
  • List of Other Tools you will need
  • List of all Supplies you will need
  • Many downloadable forms and How to sheets
  • Planning Sheets
  • A program with “Captions” for the hard of hearing!

Building The Foundation Of Your Embroidery Business Workbook 
With this workbook, you will work step by step through the entire process of setting up your business.  You will have weekly lessons to complete towards reaching your goals. This workbook is going to make it easy to stay on track with your lessons and goals!

This workbook is going to take you from the moment you start your program all the way through to growing your business.  This is going to be an invaluable tool for you!  

The Embroidery Training Resource Center- Embroidery Basics And Embroidery Techniques!

Gold Level Embroidery Business Training

“Step by Step Embroidery Basics”

You will receive easy to understand instructions that include many basic techniques…such as:

Red ArrowBasic Set Ups & Tools – You are taught many basic setups and tools that you need to use. How to change a cone of thread, how to change a needle, how to change a bobbin and the basic tools for each.

Red ArrowEmbroidery Backing & Toppings – You are given very specific guidelines for selecting the right backing/stabilizers to use for each of the different fabrics. It is important to understand all 3 categories for backings/stabilizers and know how to use each one for the different type of applications and fabrics!

Red ArrowEmbroidery Thread Tensions – You are taught how to set your tensions and the best tools to use and how to keep your embroidery thread tensions balanced so that you avoid bird nesting and have great quality stitching.

Red ArrowFavorite Embroidery Backing Recipes – I even share my favorite backing/stabilizer recipes for most fabrics along with the Style Numbers of each one and the source for my backings to make it easy!

Red ArrowHooping – You are taught basic hooping and how to properly hoop knit garments, woven garments, and even many un-hoopable applications! Basic hooping techniques must be learned before you start using hooping devices.

Red ArrowEmbroidery Hooping Guidelines – Easy to follow guidelines with pictures showing you many garments along with what backing & needles to use for different types of garments avoiding mistakes!

Red ArrowEmbroidery Placement – A Placement Chart for the Left Chest or Right Chest embroidery design applications, Jacket Backs, and even Sleeves.  Guidelines are given for placement for all of the most popular applications on garments for adults, youth and children as well as linens!

Red ArrowEmbroidery Finishing – How to finish a garment to create that quality presentation whether it is a sample or a completed order for a customer! Finishing a garment properly is huge in how your customer will perceive your quality!

Red ArrowEmbroidery Machine Maintenance – How to maintain your machines on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis with forms to keep track of your maintenance.

I share my insider secrets from over 30 years of experience that you can’t find in any classroom. What this means to you is less trial and error! I once had a teacher tell me that “Smart people learn by their mistakes, but Smarter people learn from other people’s mistakes!” That is what I want for you! There is no reason for you to go through what I did, you can learn and profit from my mistakes!

“Step by Step Embroidery Techniques For Many Types Of Items”

Inside of Embroidery Techniques, you will find multiple videos and will receive Step by Step Instruction for many basic items. I show you where to place your designs, how to hoop your garments, sew out your designs on many items such as:

Knit Shirts – Polos – Golf – Staff Shirts – Sweatshirts – T-Shirts – Woven Shirts – Knit shirts and woven shirts can be embroidered in many different locations, but the number 1 placement is the left chest. I show you how to hoop them properly, how to place them into the machine so that nothing gets caught and then how to run the actual design. There are many tips and tricks throughout all of the videos.

How To Embroider CapsHow To Embroider Caps – Many people struggle with caps! This should not be. Caps can be your biggest money maker! I show you step by step how to easily hoop and embroider a design on a cap! There are many different types of caps and you must master each one in order to be able to offer your customers a good selection. You want to be able to embroider the cap on the front and sides in one hooping and I show you how to accomplish this. I have a very simple method for this.

How to Embroider Jackets – The most popular placements are Left Chest, Sleeves and Jacket Backs.  The techniques that I use are simple and will apply to vests also with the exception of sleeve applications.  I also have an article on how to apply Athletic twill on jacket sleeves. I show you how to determine placement for the jacket back, with and without a hood.  

How to Embroider Linens – I show you how to embroider a tablecloth and napkins.  I give you a placement chart for many other linens, such as Sheets and Pillowcases, Towel Sets, Duvet Covers, Pillow Shams, Gift or Decorative Pillows, Shower Curtains and even a Bath Mat. Monogrammed Linens make very welcomed Bridal gifts and House Warming gifts.

How to Embroider PatchesHow To Make Patches – Patches are very easy to make as long as you only have a small quantity. This is a simple way to create company patches if you have a customer that only has a few employees and furnishes their uniforms. I show you how to embroider a name on a patch blank. This series of videos will show you in a step by step method how to prepare your fabric for your patches, how to set them up, how to hoop your fabric, how to finish your patches. 

Belts & Straps – In these videos, I show you how to embroider a Karate Belt, however, the same method can be used for any type of belt, strap or ribbon that a customer wants embroidered. I show you a simple method to accomplish this embroidery using your hoops so that you do not have tong to purchase any other attachments or clamps.

How to embroider a Tote BagBags – In these videos, I show you how to embroider bags using a hoop and I also show you how to hoop a bag using a clamp. Bags make great gifts and can be embroidered with monograms or with corporate logos.  

Blankets –
In these videos, I show you placement, how to hoop and embroider a fleece blanket and a suede fabric blanket.  They are easy to do and are another item that makes a great gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations,  and even for that loved one in a nursing home.

How to Embroider Toilet PaperMiscellaneous Items – 
In these videos, I show you how to embroider several miscellaneous items, such as toilet paper, a Christmas stocking, a Wine bottle bag, and even a Bridal Handkerchief.  Every one of these items makes great gifts.  I love to embroider the Toilet paper and include it in a set of Towels for a Wedding gift! Not only do the recipients love it, it always creates a smile on their face!

 … and much, MUCH More!

“Simple Step by Step Instructions For Embroidery Repairs!”

StitcheraserI give you simple step by step instructions on how to repair those horrible mistakes that we all try so hard to avoid! Unfortunately, everyone makes a mistake now and then, but you need to know how to save those expensive garments when mistakes to occur!


Red ArrowRepair almost any mistake instead of starting from scratch! Sometimes you have garments that cannot be replaced! It is very important to have the skills to be able to fix these mistakes just in case you have items that cannot be replaced.

Red ArrowR
eplacing Embroidery– After the embroidery is removed, the area must be prepared to receive the new embroidery. I show you how to line up your new design to entirely cover where the original design was located. If done correctly, you will not see any trace of the old design that was previously embroidered.

Red ArrowThe Garment fell out of the hoop during embroidery – This is a biggy! I cannot tell you how important it is for you to know how to take care of this issue. Unfortunately, this can happen to the best embroiderer and you must know how to re-hoop the garment and lineup the remainder of the design so that you will continue
on in the perfect spot to finish the embroidery!

Red ArrowEmbroidery Bobbin Thread showing on top– Some bobbins change tension as they are embroidering close to the end of the bobbin and some of the white bobbin thread will show on top. I show you how to cover up those ugly white stitches that you obviously do not want to see!

These videos alone are worth hundreds of dollars. The amount of money saved on one job alone could easily pay for the program!

How Do I Know If This Is Right For Me?

  • If you are new to embroidery but want to get a Quick Start with your Embroidery Business and start making money this is for YOU!
  • If you want to start your own Embroidery Business and DO NOT want to go through a long learning curve, this is for YOU!
  • If you are struggling trying to get your business started, this is for YOU!
  • If you are not happy where you are. This is for YOU!
  • If you want to take the action needed to improve your business, then this is for YOU!|

For an investment of $297.00, you will have access to all of this information at your fingertips to watch, learn and implement 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


  • Downloadable formatted Full Embroidery Business Plan Template!  Do you need to see financing?  This template is an easy to use, fill in the blanks template, designed to help you create the type of business plan that you can present to the bank or financial institution!

You have all of this information at your fingertips 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

One Time Investment of only

“To Start Your Own Embroidery Business Today!”

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