Linda Gadwood of Logo Linda

An expert seamstress, Linda Gadwood of Logo Linda thought that starting an embroidery business would be a snap. But the Omaha woman ran into more snaps than she expected. Joyce Jagger, The Embroidery Coach came to the rescue, helping Linda jump start productivity and elevate he quality of her craft!

Linda started out as one of my Platinum one on one students in January of this year in 2014. She started as one of my membership site members about 3 years ago, decided to come to New YearLinda Gadwood to a work shop that I held on improving the quality of your embroidery. After attending this workshop, she wanted to work with me on a one on one basis to help increase her business and the quality of her embroidery. Linda has been an excellent student, has re-organized her entire business and is learning daily about increasing the quality of her designs. She feels very confident with her pricing and has a great plan in place that she consistently follows!

Logo Linda is a contract embroidery shop with 17 heads, but Linda is gradually adding retail clients to her list of very happy wholesale clients! She is now in the process of adding a website to her business to attract small business clients and that will be available very shortly.

Linda has grown her business very quickly this past year, has increased her production by 60% and is very excited to continue working with the one on one coaching during 2015 to reach her new goal! She anticipates that she will be outgrowing her physical space and look for an alternative solution during this next year! I am very proud of the progress that Linda has made and continues to make on a monthly basis. She has done everything that I had instructed her to do and it has really paid off for her.

She was featured in “Stitches Magazine” in the January 2015 issue. You can read her whole story on line. Another great story written by Theresa Hegel of “Stitches Magazine!”