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This month's training will be

“Organizing Your Embroidery Business is Essential for Profitability & Peace of Mind” 

I will follow it up with Q & A of your embroidery questions! 

 “January Q & A!”

January 27th at 3 PM Eastern

I am opening this one up for all embroiderers.
Click on the link and sign up for this month's training. Free Monthly Training”  At the end of the training, You can ask any question about your embroidery business that you are having an issue with and I will be prepared to answer it during our training. If you do not have any questions, you can still attend the training and I will have some time at the end for live Q & A. I really look forward to this next phase and our monthly training.

Make sure to mark your calendar so that you do not forget!  If you do not have a question to ask, you may learn something from someone else's question.