Our FREE Embroidery training is:

"Embroidery On Caps Made Easy!
Learn Some New Tips To Make The Entire Process Easy Even If YOU Have Been Struggling With Them In The Past!"

April 25th 3 PM Eastern

This Free Embroidery Training is open to anyone that wants to learn more about embroidery.  If you are having any type of problem in or with your embroidery production of caps, this training is for you.

During this training, my focus is to go over the 3 most common issues that I get asked about when embroiderers are learning how to work with caps.

  •        *Proper Placement of the Design on the Cap
  •        *Solving Common Issues
  •        *Hooping Tips

Learning how to work with caps is not hard but it does take some perseverance and trial and error, but it you have some knowledge of the basics, it really makes it a lot easier.

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Mark your calendar so you do not forget.  See you April 25th at 3 PM Eastern.