Personalized 3 Day Rapid Start Embroidery Business Basics Bootcamp!

Personalized 3 Day Rapid Start Embroidery
Business Basics Bootcamp!

At The Embroidery Coach Training Center!

If you have been in business for awhile and are constantly struggling with what to charge, and get the business part set up, this is the training for you! This is one-on-one training for the embroidery business owner!

Day 1 – Pricing Basics

  • Understanding Timing of Jobs
  • Understanding Pricing Structure
  • Creating Basic Price List

Day 2 – Marketing Basics

  • Create Basic Brochure & Business Card if necessary
  • Create Basic Marketing Plan

Day 3 – QuickBooks Basics

  • Set up QuickBooks On-line
  • Get Your Pricing Ready To Upload into QuickBooks!

This is a 3 Day Rapid Start Bootcamp Where You Will Get Your Pricing structure Set Up, Create Your Marketing Plan & Have Your Accounting System Ready To Use!

When you are here for all 3 days you will go home with piece of mind knowing that the business end of your embroidery business is functioning and ready to make you money!

  • Your Price Lists will be Created!
  • You will have your Brochure created
  • Your Marketing Plan will be set up
  • Your Accounting system will be set up and ready to use!
  • You will go home with a reference manual and many helpful tools!

You will receive a preliminary planning call and checklist to let you know what you will need to have prepared before you arrive so that we can get started quickly and utilize our time together most efficiently.

In Person Training at The Embroidery Coach Training Center

I will pick you up from the airport, provide lunch each day, take you out to dinner one night and take you back to the airport. I will pick you up from the hotel each morning and take you back each night.

You will be responsible for your hotel and travel expenses. We will recommend a hotel close within walking distance to restaurants.

Remote Training from The Embroidery Coach Training Center

I will send you a camera set up to add to your computer with requirements so that you will have the same personal one on one training that you would have here in the training center.

You have no travel expenses or travel time away from your business! But you must focus 100% during our time together!
We will have some break times and of course time out for lunch!

The one on one person will receive 3 monthly follow up calls to check and diagnose progress.

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4. Attach the filled out form to the email.