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Linda Gadwood

Most embroiderers struggle to build a successful embroidery business. At The Embroidery Coach, we give you the personalized coaching and training you need to succeed.

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The Embroidery Coach Coaching Program
The Embroidery Coach Coaching

Fast-track your embroidery skills from amateur to professional quickly.

Get the personalized coaching you need to build a business that thrives.

Implement proven business plans that have worked for others just like you.

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We don't just care about your business.  We care about you.

Now more than ever, your business decisions matter. That's why I get frustrated when I see good people who love embroidery struggle to make money simply because they don't have the right business plan.

But over the years, I've noticed things successful embroidery businesses do that amateur business don't And I'd Like to teach you exactly what these things are.

Joyce Jagger, The Embroidery Coach

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Each online course and coaching session is customized to help you regardless of where you're at on your Embroidery Journey!

Once you start the path that's right for you, you'll immediately join a network of Embroiderers who will inspire you to do your best!

With the right tools in place, you'll have everything you need to start, grow and scale your Embroidery Business in no time at all!


I signed up for some training and very quickly decided that a Lifetime Membership would be a most valuable investment in my business. Her training is applicable to all varieties of machines and software and to embroiderers at all stages of experience.

Joyce provides the marketing, pricing, technical and artistic resources to resolve just about any problem. I know that whenever I am stuck or just plain curious I can access the online info or reach out via phone or email. Joyce is a generous and encouraging teacher. I have realized an increase in ability and confidence thanks to what I have learned.

Jeanne Fitzsimons
Owner, Fitzstitch Embroidery

Laura DreiselPersonal Coaching with Joyce gave me the confidence I was lacking. Her business management skills are perfect for the small and large embroidery shop. Her teaching style put me at ease and was very patient with me. The way Joyce broke things down into steps, made everything understandable and do-able, not overwhelming.

I now have the tools to succeed with my business, not just pay my own bills. I am so glad I hired Joyce for my personal coach and will do so in the future if needed.

Laura Driesel
Owner, Aunt LuLu's Embroidery

We had been struggling financially and I want to thank you for all of your hard work and for the incredible amount of invaluable information you offer to a new or established embroiderers.  I just had to drop you a quick line to let you know how thrilled I am having access to your How To Price Embroidery Program!

Once you put your information into the base program, man, it creates your price list for you!  It is a tremendous tool! The videos that explain the system really simplify the entire process.  It is well worth the investment!

Cindy Proctor
Embroidery Business Owner,
Busy Bee Embroidery. Harrisburg, PA

Real Embroidery Coaching

Real Coaching

Our virtual business coaches are the best in the industry. 

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Real Commitment

If you're not completely satisfied, we'll give you 100% of your money back.

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Real Results

Our methods are proven to get you the results you want.

How are we different?

We know you want to be able to make money in your embroidery business. In order for that to happen, you need to have the skills to build a successful embroidery business. The problem is that it's hard to know where to start which makes you feel overwhelmed. We know how overwhelming it can feel to start a business on your own. That's why we created an online coaching program that's used by some of the world's most influential brands and fastest growing startups. 

At The Embroidery Coach, we offer two paths that are designed to meet you exactly where you're at, no matter what stage of personal or business growth you're in. We'll help you and your team master everything there is to know about embroidery and business so that your business will thrive.


The Embroidery Coach working with Sandlot Sports.

“Joyce’s training was the most focused training that our company has ever seen…Her techniques and advice filled each embroiderer with confidence to get better at their craft.”
Adam McCauley
Co-Owner, Sandlot Sports LLC

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