Always sew out your embroidery design out on a scrap piece of fabric that is very much like the one that you are going to be sewing on for your embroidery order. Make sure that you have it hooped properly, taut in the hoop with no flagging. Use the proper type and amount of backing for the design and fabric. Do not stretch your fabric and make sure that you are sewing on the grain of the fabric and not against the grain

When you are sewing out a design for the first time, you need to take the time to watch it while it is sewing. Print out your worksheet from your design software and use it to follow along as you sew out the design. Slow your machine down very slow if you start having issues. This way you follow it stitch by stitch and you will see the problems as you are sewing it out.

Make notes on your worksheet about the design as you sew out your embroidery design.

  • Are any locks or tie ends missing?
  • Is it sewing more than one stitch in the same location?
  • Where exactly did the thread break?
  • Did the thread fray or break clean?
  • Is the lettering easy to read?
  • Is the inside of the letters open?
  • Do all of the letters line up on the same line?
  • Does the design run trouble free?
  • Are there any unnecessary trims?
  • Is the pathing correct so that it runs smoothly without jumps?
  • Are there are any holes in the fabric around the lettering and inside of the centers of the lettering?
  • Do you have good thread coverage?
  • Would this same design work with a dark contrast of fabric and thread?

If the issues do involve the design, you can then talk intelligently to the digitizer and tell him or her how the design is reacting and what you see happening. This makes it easier for the digitizer to solve the issue if, in fact, it is a design problem. The main thing is that if you always sew out your embroidery design on the same like find fabric, you will know exactly what it looks like and what adjustments need to be made.

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