Are You Stuck Trying To Figure Out What To Charge Your Customers For Their Embroidery?


Pricing your embroidery is probably the hardest task that you have to do in your whole business and getting your embroidery price list done in a way that you can make a profit can seem like a huge job that has no beginning or end! You wait on your customers, show them your samples and then they place their order. As they are placing their order, they want to know what the price is going to be. Now you are panicking! “You have to come up with an answer and they are standing right here in front of me waiting for that answer. Now what do you do?”

So many embroiderers at this point will just pull an answer right out of the air with no idea as to whether it is right or not. They are afraid if they throw out too high of a number, the person will just walk out and then they will not have the order at all. It is better to price low and get the job than to price high and take a chance on not getting the job, so they think!! Does that sound familiar?

Get Your Embroidery Pricing Done Now 5-hour Workshop

This 5-hour Pricing Workshop will take place July 21st from 10am-3pm Eastern Time. This virtual workshop is going to be hands on and interactive right from your own computer! You are going to be able to ask me specific questions about your business and I will answer them! This is going to be your chance to finally get your pricing structure done correctly and be able to walk away with a good embroidery price list.

Are you wondering if this Embroidery Pricing Program Workshop is for you?

Are you just starting out and want to create a price list that is going to make a profit?
Are you tired of trying to figure out what to charge your customers!
Are you struggling? Trying to get it all together and just DO NOT KNOW where to start?
Are unsure of your price list and want to check to see if you are charging correctly?
Do you have many pricing levels and DO NOT KNOW how to charge for the different levels?

If you said yes to any of those questions, then YES this is for YOU!
This is for the embroiderer that is just starting out and wants to create a price list that is going to make a profit!
This is for ALL EMBROIDERERS that want to make money, and please do whatever you can to be a part of our “Get Your Pricing Done Now” workshop on July 21st.

This is going to be your chance to FINALLY get your pricing structure done correctly and be able to walk away with a good price list. And make a profit in your business! If you have not purchased the pricing program, it is included in the price of the package, however, if you have purchased it, you can still purchase the workshop alone. You will see on at the bottom of the video page there are 2 links.

After purchase, you will be receiving instructions as to what to do to prepare for it. I want you to get the most from this training possible. Click on the link below to the information page and access to purchasing the Workshop!

“Get Your Pricing Done Now Workshop!

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