Keep A Close Eye On Your Inventory Costs

Keeping close track of your inventory and supplies is a must when you are trying to control your supplies inventory costs in your embroidery business. Keeping a minimum on hand of all of your basic embroidery supplies is very important. You do not want to run out of a supply when you are in the middle of a job. Keeping a running inventory record is a must.

Planning ahead so that you are not ordering for overnight delivery is one of the ways to hold down shipping costs. Ordering in quantities, if at all possible, will reduce the costs of both the supplies and the shipping. Early payment discounts also helps to reduce the cost.

In a small shop the extra supplies can be stored in the actual work area. In a larger shop they must be stored in a separate Supply Storage area that is strictly for supplies or inventory. This will remove the extra clutter and keep the production and prep area more organized and cleaner.

Have One Person In Charge Of Inventory

Make sure that you have one person in charge of your inventory. When supplies are removed from the supply storage area, they must be accounted for so that they can be replaced before they are actually needed. Keeping a running log is very important in order to have this information at your fingertips at all times and it deters others from picking up supplies when they are not authorized to do so, controlling employee theft. In some areas this is a constant problem and one that is hard to pinpoint.

You as a business owner must do everything that you can to prevent losses to your business, and employee theft of supplies is an area that can be prevented. It is up to you to control supplies inventory costs in your embroidery business make sure that employee theft does not happen.