I want to congratulate Howard Potter! He is a very successful student of mine! Howard started with me about 12 years ago when he purchased his first embroidery machine. I worked with him when he was working out of his home with a single head Tajima and the Tajima by Pulse Embroidery software! He has since gone on to purchasing 2 more machines, digital equipment, screen printing equipment and much more. Howard now has his own building with a beautiful showroom and very well organized workrooms for each of the different types of applications that he offers.

He is very young man with a wife and 2 children. He and his wife Amanda have worked very hard in this business, turn out top quality work and have taken their business from zero to almost 2 million dollars in this short period of time.

I  trained his main graphic artist, to digitize their designs and  have since trained several more digitizers as the business has grown. They have worked very hard at producing high quality embroidery designs and on time delivery.

You can visit his website MasterYourImage .

Congratulations Howard, keep up the great work!!

Joyce Jagger,|
The Embroidery Coach