When you change the needles in your embroidery machine there are some points that you want to remember:

  • After you remove your needle from the machine you want to put in a plastic container with a lid, don’t ever just throw it into the garbage.
  • Be very careful that you do not touch the needle on any part of the surface of your presser foot.  As you are putting it into the machine, hold it with needle nose pliers and rest the index finger of your opposite hand against the pliers to smoothly place it down through the hole in the presser foot and then up into the hole where the needle goes without touching any of the surface.  If you do happen to touch any surface of the presser foot, throw your needle away.  You have already damaged the tip.  The tip damages very easily and you want to avoid this.
  • After you change your needle make a notation about your needle on your needle replacement sheet.  You always want to know where your different needles are in the machine and when you changed them. Record the size & type of needle, which needle bar it went into and why you changed it.

Keeping good records of your needle changes will help when it comes time to call a tech with a problem.

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