The Embroidery Coach’s Virtual QuickStart Office-Bookkeeping Workshop!

Are You Confused About When To Set Up Your Bookkeeping? You have started your embroidery business but are you confused about when to set up your bookkeeping? Do you have questions that need to be answered about the setup of your bookkeeping system?  Are you confused about how to set up your books?  Do you know the simple way to get started? The Virtual QuickStart Office-Bookkeeping Workshop will answer all of these questions for you!

QuickStart Office-Bookkeeping Workshop
Saturday, January 27th

QuickStart Office-Bookkeeping Workshop

Setting Up Your Bookkeeping made easy, with the QuickStart Office-Bookkeeping Workshop on Saturday, January 27, 2018You will be able to attend this Virtual Workshop from the comfort of your home or office and will be start at 10:00 AM and will continue until 3 PM Eastern.  This Virtual Workshop is an an online Workshop that you will be able to participate in right from your computer or tablet.  This is a workshop that is going to help you finally get started with QuickBooks without confusion.

You will move on from spreadsheets and pieces of paper in a shoe box to this exciting beginning! Even if you have been using QuickBooks in your business, you wouldn’t be alone to find it wasn’t set up properly, in the beginning, to make the right decisions for your business. I have helped several students in a one on one capacity this past year in getting their books fixed and set up properly and now I am here with this workshop to help you! The students that I helped are now more organized, in the black, less stressed and know just what areas need improvement if any! This could be you!


The QuickBooks Set Up For The Decorating Apparel Business Is Different!


If you have your QuickBooks set up properly for your Apparel Decorating Business, it can be the backbone of the organization of your entire business. Setting Up Your Bookkeeping with this method will save you a lot of time in both accounting and production. We will go step by step through the organization process, making basic, yet vital decisions to make QuickBooks work for you! The organization and flow from taking an order to creating the invoice is a critical component in setting up your bookkeeping. This workshop and set up will work for you if you only have one area of service, or if you have 10 areas of service! (ie: Embroidery, Screen Printing, Vinyl, Heat Transfers, DTG, etc). We will be going over many of the basic setups to make it easy for you such as:

  • Adding Your Pricing; wholesale, corporate, & retail
  • Correct Chart of Accounts
  • How to Create Your Work Orders
  • Running a Daily Log – (What work is still in-house to do)
  • Running a Weekly Log- (What work is still in-house to do at end of the week) – This is huge in planning for the following week!
  • Applying Payments
  • Running Reports and what they mean
  • Many Tips & More!

You just have to remember that every second you spend in your business; it is either costing you money or making you money. Setting Up Your Bookkeeping in the way that I have laid out will save you time and money. As a business owner, you know how valuable both can be. Don’t wait, sign up today!

How do I know if this Workshop is for me? This Workshop is for you:


  • if you are just starting out
  • If you are not earning what you thought you would
  • If you have no idea where you are at in your business, or
  • If you just plain want to get a proven system in order to save your sanity!

DO NOT SKIP THE PROCESS! Your Business will suffer as a result! This workshop will be recorded in case you cannot attend live.  You will have access to this forever!


Your access to this 5 hour Virtual Workshop will only be $197.00!

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QuickStart Office-QuickBooks Workshop

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I will be using these Recommended Products as I teach this Workshop:


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