Are you confused as to how you can jump-start your embroidery business growth?  Do you feel overwhelmed with all you have to do currently and wonder how you can fit in the time to grow your business at the same time?  Where do you even start with embroidery business growth?
The first step is to tackle overwhelm with an organized and systematic approach and then use your current customers as the foundation for your embroidery business growth.  I want to think very strongly about your current customers, what you have to offer them and about the 6 ways to jump-start your embroidery business growth that I am going to share with you.

Discover Your Strong Points

• Talk to your customers and get their feedback: find out why they like doing business with you and your business
•  Customers know things about your business you don’t know
•  Once you know your strong points, you can leverage them to grow

Get New Product and Service Ideas

•  Your existing customers can help you come up with ideas for offers they’d like to see
•  Ask your followers on social media for products or services that they would like to see you offer that they are not able to get other places.
• While you’re discussing ideas, you can also ask for feedback on changes you could make that would improve your products or services or your business.
•  Once you have some ideas, take them back to your team and discuss what would lead to profits or business growth.

Go the Extra Mile for Your Buyers

There are many different ways to make improvements for your current customers
•  Decrease Customer Delivery Time – respond to your customers’ inquiries immediately and deliver your products or services slightly faster.
•  Take an Individual Approach – Interact with customers and respond to issues personally.
•  Win People Back – Solve your customers’ problems quickly and give them something extra to assure their  satisfaction.
•  Know Your Customers Well – Use marketing data and personal interactions to modify your customer service to their tastes & preferences.
•  Be Consistent – Handle all issues in the same way and establish procedures so everyone offers consistent customer service
•  Always Put Customers First – Always consider how changes will affect your customers and make sure it’s in their best interests

Nurture the Relationship with Your Customer

•  Great customer service is not enough. You need to build strong, long-lasting relationships with your customers
•  Email Marketing – Build an email list and send your subscribers regular messages with helpful exclusive content
•  Social Media Challenges – Increase engagement by giving your audience a challenge on social media
•  Entertain Your Audience – Know your audience well and share content sometimes that’s just for fun
•  Create a VIP List – Identify VIPs who are the most engaged with your business, offer them special promotions and nurture a relationship with them
•  Interact Offline – Host offline events or join local community events where your customers are

Offer Rewards for Referrals

•  Referrals are the best and most cost-effective marketing for any business.
•  Ask for referrals:
•  Right after a purchase.
•  When someone sends you a personal message thanking you
•  At the conclusion of helping solve a customers’ problem
•  Offer a small incentive or reward for referring you
•  Publicize your referral program
•  Reach out to reviewers, bloggers, and others with a large audience and offer them an incentive to talk about you.

 Extend Your Customer Database

•  Always look for opportunities to gain new prospects.
•  Regularly attend networking events and talk to as many people as possible
•  Create a system for following up and telling people about your embroidery business or offering ways you can help them

Was this article helpful? It should give you a great starting point. But there’s more you’ll need to do in order to take your business to the level you desire. If you’re ready to get started, I’m offering a course that teaches you step-by-step how to create embroidery business growth so that you can achieve your long-term goals.

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