People work with businesses and professionals they trust. Building customer retention and loyalty in your embroidery business is an ongoing process. Here are 9 tips for building customer retention, trust and loyalty with both customers and new prospects.

  1. Always keep your word with your customers
    If you promise delivery on a particular day, make sure to deliver when it was promised. Even something as small as the time you have scheduled an appointment is extremely important to that customer. He or she is trusting that you will keep that appointment and be on time if not, you did not keep your word. Each time you break a promise or do not keep your word to that customer, you break their trust in you.
  2. Create realistic customer expectations
    Make sure the customer understands exactly what you will do for him or her and what is included in your service and what is not. What will create extra charges? How and when will you be billing the customer? Living up to the expectations you create helps to build trust with your customers.
  3. Help customers to understand the process and strategy for their order
    If your customer understands how you and your business works and what the process of their order is, the customer can then know what to expect and when to expect it. Trust comes when the customer feels confident and comfortable with the plan and the strategy.
  4. Never over promise
    It is tempting to promise whatever the customer wants to hear without looking at your schedule or asking if it is doable. When you do not deliver on your promise this causes broken agreements and broken trust.
  5. Carefully explain the customer’s role
    When a customer is clear on what his or her role is then he or she gets clear on what progress can be made without their involvement. Getting really clear on what the customer needs to do to move his or her order forward, helps you work as a team and builds trust.
  6. Discuss potential problems that can happen
    Nothing disturbs the trust of a customer more than when something unexpected happens. Guard against something negative happening as a surprise by discussing the potential pitfalls with the customer.
  7. Review the work order in detail
    Any decisions that the customer is going to have to make should be discussed in detail. Relationships and trust are built over a long period of time, but it can be broken easily. An unexpected issue that is a surprise to the customer that he or she was not expecting can break that trust quickly.
  8. Avoid making the customer feel stupid
     No one likes to feel stupid. If customers feel that you think they are stupid they will no longer entrust you with their ideas or work. Customers who don’t feel valued by you may stop trusting you. No one sets out to make a customer feel stupid, but it could be an attitude, an inadvertent comment, or a look that gives the customer that impression. Be aware of your inner thoughts. They show up without your noticing. Be very careful with your language.
  9. Don’t allow interruptions when you are meeting with a customer.
    It gives them the feeling that they are not important to you and you really do not want their business. Everyone needs to feel special no matter how large or small their order is. This can ruin the goodwill and trust that you had with them.

Building relationships and customer trust with both your customers and prospects help you to build loyalty. Loyalty is something that is very uncommon in the embroidery business anymore, but it is not impossible to get. When your customers feel that they are valued and you give them excellent customer service, they will become loyal! This helps in building customer retention.

Really think about these tips and how you work with your customers and prospects.  Building customer retention, trust, and loyalty in your embroidery business is extremely important in today’s world and is a process something that is not often seen.  It can make the difference in a business that is OK and a business that is growing rapidly and building a huge repeat following, Focus on building customer retention and this will help you become a sought-after embroidery provider!