How Has The Pandemic Affected Your Embroidery Business?  How has the pandemic affected you personally?  Have you spent much time thinking about this and how you are going to make changes to be able to cope ? Do you know how to hang on to your embroidery business during these uncertain times?

Do you still have the same amount of business and customers that you had before the pandemic started?  Have you noticed any attitude change in your customers and prospects? Are they giving you unreasonable requests?

I have heard a lot of embroiderers say that their customers are getting obnoxious and more demanding than ever. Some embroiderers are being treated like servants and are expected to continue to do more and work more and in today's' world they are being bullied into lowering their prices.

Are you wondering how you to deal with all of these situations right now?  How should you hang on to your embroidery business? What you should do right now to hang on to your embroidery business and keep your customers coming back for more during these uncertain times?

No. 1 – PLEASE, do not get caught in this pricing trap.  DO NOT LOWER YOUR PRICES to get the work!  You will go out of business quicker than any thing.  With the way that prices are increasing to all of us, you are going to have to raise your prices as well.  We all have to pay our bills. All of our supplies and products that we have to purchase to do business with and resell to our customers are increasing in price and you cannot absorb those price increases. You must adjust your pricing and get your pricing structure created to work during this time.

No. 2 – Keep in touch with your customers.  You want your customers to realize how important they are to you and how you value their business.  Your customers are the lifeblood of your business and deserve your best. If you have not focused on your customer list and keeping in touch with them, stay tuned to my next post.  I will explain how to get started with it so you can get that hang on to your embroidery business!