How can I set up my Embroidery Business Structure?  What consists of a good Embroidery Business Structure?

Before you can actually start offering your embroidery as a business there are a few items that need to be in place in order to have a successful embroidery business.

A good solid foundation of How To Embroider – Know how to embroider all of the products that you will be offering your marketplace!
A Business Plan in place, even if it is a simple 1- or 2-page plan will work just to keep you on track!
• Your pricing structure in place– one that you have created based on your expenses and profit need for your business that will make you money!
Your sales tools created to make it easy and quick to work with customers!
Your accounting system set up to save time as you are invoicing your customers!
A scheduling system in place to stay on track of your production so that you can get your orders out on time.
You are running smoothly with all of your systems in place

Having the right embroidery business structure with the necessary tools in place will help you create the systems to give your a good workflow. Knowing which business tools to purchase and how to set them up is extremely important in the success of your business.

If you are a business owner of any type of decorating apparel business that has been in business for a while and you are unsure of what business tools you need or how to set up your embroidery business structure, I have a training that you need to watch.  Fill in the form below and get registered for that training. You will learn about all of the embroidery business tools that you need to start with.