When your business is growing and you start to hire employees, it is very important that you stress upon the new employees the need to be able to work together as a team. If the new applicant is the type of person that gives you any indication that they will not be a team player then that is the wrong type of person to hire.

This week I had a situation with an embroidery business that has 12 employees and they are not growing as they should. The main problem is the lack of ability for them to work together as a team. Many embroidery operators have the attitude that their job is the most important one in the business and the rest of the staff is just there to assist them.

Every Employee Must Feel Important

Each and every one of the positions within the embroidery business is just as important as the embroidery machine operators. Each one of those employees deserves and should command the same respect as the embroidery machine operators. Without the person to log in the orders, plan and prepare the orders, hoop the garments, trim the garments, pack the garments, and wait on the customer, the embroidery machine operator would not be necessary. This is a huge problem in many small to medium shops.

Every employee in the business needs to have a feeling of importance and feel that they are needed and respected. Many times the position of the person that hoops the garments or the person that trims the garments is not treated the same and they feel very inferior. This is most unfortunate. Their job is just as important as the embroidery machine operator.

I was hired by the owner of a medium-sized embroidery shop to re-organize his business so that it would run more efficiently and grow at a faster rate. This has required me to make a lot of changes and not all of the changes have been accepted graciously. The opposition that I have had is that this is the way that we have always done it and it is working, we do not want to change it!  Just because that is the way that it has always been done is not necessarily the best or most efficient way to get the same job done.

There have been a lot of changes within the embroidery industry in the past few years and your business needs to change along with it in order to be able to keep up with the rest of the industry. There have been changes in backings, threads, equipment, fabrics and generally the way that business is run today! If you do not change with the industry, you will go out of business and do so very quickly!

Customers are demanding more and more and in a shorter time frame. If you do not meet those demands, someone else will. You must be willing to offer the highest quality products in record time with a smile on your face at all times! In order to accomplish this, you must insist that everyone on your staff work together as a significant part of the team. If this is not possible, hire new employees and develop a team spirit or go out of business; it will be very difficult for you to survive in this new economy!

Developing A Team Spirit

Have a group meeting once or twice per month. Let the employees know what changes you are making or what needs to be changed and let them be apart of the decision making.  This is very important. If you have a negative employee that does not want to be apart of the group, it is time to rethink that employee's position. Find out what it is that is bothering them and see if you can help to make them feel part of the team, especially if they are a good worker. It is very difficult to let someone go that has been part of the company for a long time and sometimes totally unnecessary if you can help to make the situation better.

Show your gratitude by bringing in a treat every now and then. This is something that is always appreciated and it also helps to smooth over bad situations at times! It does not have to cost a lot of money, it is the thought that counts and small gestures go a long way!