Today I am going to show you the routine planning that I do every weekend using my Embroidery Business Planning Forms.  I take Saturday morning to do my weekly planning but if something gets in the way, I will do it on Sunday afternoon.  This helps to keep me on track and keeps my mind from wandering around trying to figure out what to do next.  I always know what to do next!

Start Planning Small!  If you have not been in the habit of monthly, weekly, or daily planning, you need to start today, but start small. I know that in all of the books about planning it says to start out with your entire year first, then your month, then your week, and then your day! To me, this was impossible when I first started my business. I could not relate to that because I really did not know what I was going to be doing in a year and I did not have any type of a plan in place.

I started by planning out my day at the end of the day before. I worked hard to try and complete what I had on my list to do. I also found out what I could realistically do in a day’s time. Once I got used to that and saw how much more smoothly my days started running, I planned out my entire week on a Master plan and then created the daily plan from there.

I have never found a planner that totally worked for me and I have been creating my own planning sheets for several years.  Over the years they have changed and the set that I use now works out great for me.  I will share those with you.

Now I have a basic plan for the year, but my Master Plan is mainly a plan for one quarter at a time. To me, that is much more realistic. I have specific goals that I set for each 90-day cycle and without my Master Plan, I would never reach them!

I have 5 sheets that I work with.  I created them in a Word Doc and saved them as a .pdf and print out the set for each quarter, month, week, and day. I print out 6 pages for the week.  I do not print one out for Sunday.  I keep Sundays as free as possible.  Saturday’s plan is usually personal stuff going on and not much business except for my planning.

Set of Embroidery Business Planning Forms

  • Annual Plan – Print 1 Page
  • Quarter Plan – Print 4 Pages for year
  • Monthly Plan – Print 3 Pages per Quarter
  • Weekly Plan – Print 4 Pages per Month
  • Daily Plan – Print 6 Pages per week

You do not need to print out any more than you need for one quarter at a time.  I only print out the Daily planning sheets when I need them on Saturday to start my weekly planning.

At the beginning of each quarter, I sit down and go over what I accomplished during the last quarter. Was I happy with what I accomplished and if not, what can I do to turn that around so that I can still accomplish my goals for the year?

Quarter Goal Sheet.
I figure out what I need to do during this next quarter to work toward my annual goal.  I divide that goal up into 3 pieces, one part for each month.

Monthly Goal Sheet
I then add that Monthly Goal to the Monthly Goal Sheet and divide that up into 4 weeks.  I look at everything that I need to do and add that to my sheet during the week that I will need to get that goal done.

Weekly Goal Sheet
I then add the 4 pieces to each of the 4 Weekly Goal sheets and figure out what pieces to get done during each of the 4 weeks.

Daily Plan
Now it is time to go over everything that needs to be done during that week and add them to each of the 6 Daily plans.  This must include your personal and business appointments, tasks, and phone calls that you need to get done.  Don’t forget to allow time to go over your finances and see where are you by the end of the week.

Friday afternoon is my time to go over my numbers.  This is a very important time and should not be ignored.  This also gives you an insight as to what you need to do the next week in order to get closer to your goal.  If you will follow this system, you will find it much easier to plan and keep yourself on track.

If you would like my set of Embroidery Business Planning Forms, fill in the form below and I will send them to you.