No matter how much you want it or how long you’ve been working toward it, the next level of financial success will not happen until you understand the power of planning. It doesn’t have to be difficult or take up a lot of time. Keep it Simple!  In fact, planning can be fun and very rewarding. Planning is the key to your embroidery business success.

Planning can be done in many ways.  There is not a one-size fits all plan! You always hear, create your goals and then work backwards to create the plan.  This is true, and it works great, but it does not work for everyone.

2023 A year of Changes and Challenges

It is now 2024!  We have just started week 2 of 2024. This is a whole brand new year and a time when you can start all over again, no matter what you have done in the past or how your business has been going. You can turn over that new leaf and start fresh!  This part is really exciting.

2023 was an amazing year for me and also a challenging one.  You may have experienced some of the same in your business.  Now is the time for you to start fresh and get your 2024 Marketing Plan in Place, but before you can do that, you need to evaluate this past year and go over all of the positives and negatives that happened in your business throughout this past year!

2023 was a year that was very good and, yet it was a challenging year for me!  There have been so many changes in my business and I have felt like there have been so many new beginnings from those changes and I am happy to say that in 2023 I expect to see the fruits of the labor from all of those changes.

I have always done a lot of planning and I try to work my plans but sometimes our plans just do not work out the way that we expect no matter how hard we try!

This was one of those years for me. I had many changes that took place in my business that I had not planned for, some positive, some negative, but there were three major changes that I would like to share these with you that drastically affected my Marketing Plan for 2023.

  1. Re-building my marketing pages that are taking twice as long as I had in my plan.
  2. Spending a lot of time working with large companies. This was a very positive move, but it cut into my actual marketing time that I had planned during 2023.
  3. Most important of all, I decided to hire a coach to help you move a little quicker in my business!

My 2023 Marketing Plan Kept Me On Track

This does not mean that my marketing plan was a failure or that it did not work.  It did work and kept me on track as much as it could despite the unexpected changes that did take place.  Without the guidance of my plan, I would not have been able to accomplish nearly as much as I did. Planning is key to embroidery success. I have all of my goals and accomplishments all set for 2023, and the actions set to follow through with those goals for each month.  I do not have the weekly plans set.  I will do them towards the end of each month for the following month.

Even though my 2024 plan is all finished, I expect that I will have to make changes as I go along because when you are creating your plan you also have to stay flexible to accommodate those unexpected happenings.

Really Excited About 2024!

I am really excited about 2024.  My plan is ready and I know what I am going to be marketing each month.  I will continue to do my weekly planning at the end of each month so that I will stay on track.  Each Saturday I sit down and plan out my week thoroughly and sometimes I have to make adjustments during the week but it really helps me to stay on track. Planning is the key to your embroidery business success. Would you like a plan template to use to create your plan for 2024?  Fill in your name and email address and I will send you the template to download. Let me know how you like it.  Did it make it easy for you to create your plan for 2024?