Using Computer Keyboard Shortcuts is a huge time saver. If you are like me, I spend a lot of time on my computer and every second of my day counts. I am either writing an article, creating a program, writing emails or working on a design for someone and I am very grateful for whatever time I can save.

Basic Computer Keyboard Shortcuts To Save You Time

These Computer Keyboard shortcuts are helpful also if you find that your mouse does not seem to be working or if you are on a laptop with limited space and cannot use a mouse. Here are eleven of the most commonly used Computer Keyboard Shortcuts for changing and editing text.

  • To select text shift + arrow left/right
  • To select an entire page of text shift + page up/page down
  • To copy text control (CTRL) + C
  • To cut text control (CTRL) + X
  • To paste text control (CTRL) + V
  • To undo your last action control (CTRL) + Z
  • To close a program ALT + F4 or ALT + F + X
  • To open the task manager control (CTRL) + shift + escape (ESC)
  • To tab between applications ALT + tab key
  • To return to your desktop Windows key + M
  • To lock your workstation  Windows key + L

My Favorite Computer Keyboard Shortcut!

It is very common for me to have several windows open at the same time and I just want to find something simple on my desk top but I do not want to have to go through and close everything down in order to reach it. I just hit the Windows key + M and it instantly takes me back to my desk top. I find this such a huge timesaver! This is my favorite computer keyboard shortcut!

If you have some favorite computer keyboard shortcuts that I do not have listed, please share it with us and I will expand my list to include it!