Creating a simple system for storing embroidery information is very important. There is a lot of information available today and if you are like I was when I first started my business, you have collected everything that you could and put it in drawers or boxes to save until you could really study it. When I wanted to retrieve the information, I had no idea as to where it actually was. I spent hours going through all of my boxes to find a particular piece of information that I wanted.

I found through trial and error that the best way to save all of my information was to set up binders containing different subjects.

  • Hooping
  • Finishing
  • Production
  • Embroidery Design and Editing Information
  • Maintenance
  • Favorite Suppliers-with Addresses, Phone Number, Website with Login Info and your Customer Number for each.
  • Resale Certificates for Dealers and Exempt Certificates for Organizations
  • Quotes
  • Pricing Information
  • Price lists
  • Customer List
  • Best Selling Products List

As you collect your embroidery information such as an article from a magazine, cut it out from the magazine or copy it, punch three holes in it and place in the specific binder. You may need to create tabbed sections for different areas within that subject. When you print out files from TheEmbroideryTrainingResourceCenter or the EmbroideryBusinessAcademy, place them into the binders.

When you new Wearables or Impressions magazine arrives, sit down and quickly go thru the entire magazine. Cut out or copy each item that you want to save and immediately place it in the correct binder.  Do not take the time to thoroughly read it. you can do that when you have the time or when you are looking for that type of information. Then throw out the rest of the magazine. You will soon have a complete reference system built up with all of your information at your fingertips when you need it.

As you grow you will need to create procedure manuals for each area in your business, but this is the beginning of creating a simple system for storing embroidery information.  Make sure to sign up for our Free Embroidery Tips and add them to your binders!