The “Transformation Embroidery Business Blueprint” will help you Build a Wildly Successful Embroidery Business! Would you like to transform your embroidery business into one that is running smoothly, making great money, and lets you go home at night with a clear head?  How would you like to stop those sleepless nights wondering if there was going to be enough money to pay the bills?

Here are 9 rules of the Transformation Embroidery Business Blueprint that will help you build a wildly successful embroidery business!

  1. Learn the skills to offer high-quality Embroidery. Make sure that every piece of embroidery that goes out of your shop is excellent!
  2. Deliver all of your jobs on time or ahead of schedule.
  3. Listen to your customers and give them what they want.
  4. Create a profitable Price List.
  5. Make sure your entire shop is organized and create Instruction Procedural Manuals (Standard Operating Procedures), for every area of your business so that your employees are highly trained, and you are all on the same page. If you have supervisors, they must be self-sufficient and highly trained as well.
  6. Have your Accounting Books set up properly and kept up to date.
  7. Create a Business Plan and a Marketing Plan that will help you stay on track.
  8. Market your embroidery business according to your Plan to reach your niche.
  9. Spend at least 30 minutes every day learning how to improve your skill level!

This is not hard to do. The bottom-line secret is to produce top-quality embroidery, learn how to price correctly, get organized, thoroughly train qualified workers, and stay on top of your books! It does take time to get all of these tasks accomplished. But when it is done, you can work less hours and be very happy with your business.

If you would like some guidance and help in transforming your embroidery business, I am here to help you get on the right track. Working less hours with the feeling of balance in your life is totally possible when you have implemented the “Transformation Embroidery Business Blueprint”  that I have given you here.  Being able to go home at night with a clear head is not only a goal but can become a reality.  Wouldn't it be great to not work weekends and holidays?  You could be free to take family vacations without feeling guilty about not being at work.

Send me an email to and we can set up an appointment to give you a full business evaluation and help you get started right away. I'll show you how to transform your embroidery business with a simple and practical process that will help you overcome any roadblock that stands in your way.”

My goal is for every embroidery business owner to be profitable and happy with their business.  Use this Transformation Embroidery Business Blueprint to build a wildly successful embroidery business!

Remember, We Help Embroiderers Succeed!