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Today’s tip is about concerning embroidery on caps. 

“Why you Have Thread Breaks or Needle Breaks When Embroidery On Caps.”

  • Cap too stiff
  • Not walking the machine at the start
  • Wrong needle or Bad needle
  • Cap does not sit on the needle plate
  • Design too low on the cap
  • Lettering too small
  • Too many locks & trims

Pressing Caps To Prevent Thread/Needle Breaks!

I have found that by pressing the cap fronts of those stiff caps, especially the Flexfit caps, solve many problems with thread breaks, needle breaks and flagging.  I press most of my 6 panel structured cap fronts.

To Press the cap, I lay a folded hand towel over the top of my cap framing device, put the cap over it, just like I was going to hoop the cap and then I use my household iron and press it with steam.  If you have a cap press you can use that, but you may have to spray the cap with a spritz of water to create some steam.  The steam really helps with the total process.

By pressing the cap fronts you are tightly adhering the backing to the top fabric and softening it up, flattening out the center seam and removing the hump that is in so many of them.  You can see the difference in the two caps.  This helps the cap to sit closer to the needle plate and reduces a lot of the flagging.  Pressing the cap fronts has reduced my thread breaks and needle breaks to almost nil.

I have a video inside of the Embroidery Business Academy membership site showing you exactly how to do this. 

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