In Part 1 of our Saving Time series, I talked about how to save time Creating Embroidery Design Layout Style Sheets. In Part 2 I talked about Limiting Your Embroidery Lettering Styles. Today I am going to talk about saving time by Creating Sample Tags with order information to apply to all of your showroom samples.

Sample Tags With Order Information

Your showroom should be complete with high-quality embroidery samples that are tagged with all of the order information that is applicable to that product sample. This tag should include the style number, colors and sizes available, manufacturer, price, and quantity pricing. All of this information should be on a Tag that is attached to the sample garment.

These embroidery Sample tags are very simple to produce and portray a good image to the customer about your organization. I created my Sample tags on card stock that I purchased from the office supply store, cut them apart, and laminated them. They stay very clean and always look professional when they are laminated. I then attached them with a Hang Tag attachment.

Having all of your samples tagged ahead of time with the appropriate information will save you a lot of time and prevent you from having to look up the information in the catalogs. As your pricing changes, so do your Sample tags. Always keep them up to date with all of the correct product and ordering information!

In part 4 of our Time-Saving series, I will talk about having an organized ordering system!

Joyce Jagger
The Embroidery Coach